Lewisham Socialist Party councillors support suspended MSPs

    Socialist Party councillors Ian Page and Chris Flood have written to
    protest at the suspension without pay of four Scottish Socialist Party
    MSPs. They were defending the right to demonstrate against the G8 summit
    at Gleneagles, by holding a small protest in the Scottish Parliament.
    Below is an extract from the letter.

    "We are writing as councillors of the London Borough of
    Lewisham to protest at the decision taken by the Scottish parliament
    to suspend four Scottish Socialist Party MSPs for the month of
    September without, according to the reports we have received, giving
    the MSPs concerned the right to a hearing, appeal, or representation.

    …. why did you pursue a completely disproportionate, not to
    mention, undemocratic, response? The only conclusion we can draw is
    that this was a political attack on the MSPs and the issue that they
    were raising in the Scottish parliament – namely, the defence of the
    right to protest at the G8 Gleneagles summit."

    Protests to George Reid, Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament,
    Queensbury House, Edinburgh EH99 1SP or email: [email protected]

    Send copies/messages of support to [email protected]

    Any donations/collections should be made payable to the Scottish
    Socialist Appeal Fund and posted to Ritchie Venton, SSP, 70 Stanley St,
    Glasgow G41 1JB or lodged directly into the Coop Bank, Sort Code 08 92
    99 account No 65094637.