Rolls Royce workers vote for strike

A clear majority of workers have voted to defend their Amicus
convenor Jerry Hicks who was sacked by Rolls-Royce, Bristol, for
defending two of his members.

Graeme Jones, Amicus member north Bristol

The vote – 55 to 33 – is in favour of industrial action due to start
on 23 August. This is continuous action and will be followed by a ballot
of the entire site and perhaps at all Rolls-Royce UK sites.

Since his sacking last month, when there were spontaneous walkouts
from the engine test areas where Jerry Hicks works, an industrial
tribunal has recommended that he get his job back. It found that he was
dismissed "probably on trade union grounds". The management
have, so far, offered him a £50,000 pay-off which has been flatly
refused by Mr Hicks. "I’m not for sale, and this union is not for
sale. I will accept reinstatement and I’m happy to return to work with
no ill feeling," he said.

Hundreds of Rolls-Royce workers and trade unionists attended a rally
in Bristol last week in support of Mr Hicks. The speakers, who included
Tony Benn and Bob Crow (general secretary of the RMT union), repeatedly
illustrated the point that this issue is about defending trade union

  • A collection was taken for the campaign and also for the sacked
    Gate Gourmet workers in Heathrow.
  • A national march and rally has been organised on Friday 2
    September, 1pm, College Green, Bristol.
  • Messages of support: [email protected]

Socialist Party national trade union meeting

Saturday 3 September,

11am-4pm, Central London


  • The trade unions and Labour’s third term

Speaker: Peter Taaffe

  • Building in the unions and the workplace –
    the Marxist approach.

Speaker: Bill Mullins

  • Short trade union caucus meetings

  • There will be a pooled fare. Anybody who needs
    more information should contact Ken Smith on 020 8988 8778 or Bill
    Mullins on 020 8988 8764

    Burston Strike School Rally

    Sunday 4 September 2005

    11am to 4.30pm, Church Green, Burston, Nr Diss, Norfolk

    Speakers include Paul Kenny, GMB acting Gen Sec and Tony Benn. Live
    music, children’s fun area