Time for a new workers’ party

A CAMPAIGN for a new workers’ party was launched at Socialism

Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist explained the urgent need
for such a party.

He quoted the director of Shelter, who had recently exposed the
growing wealth gap in Britain: Children born this century will be
starting life "more financially unequal than at any time since the
Victorian era."

Whole areas of the country are closed to the children of the poor
because of rising house prices.

Yet millions are haunted by the spectre of repossessions and

At the same time New Labour are privatising and destroying our
schools and hospitals and attacking workers’ rights.

"But many people involved in anti-war and anti-capitalist
activities are open to the ideas of socialism" Dave said, as he
called on all those present at Socialism 2005 to get behind the campaign
for a new workers’ party. He continued:

"Draw up lists of people in your workplaces, trade unions
and colleges who you can approach to support the statement".

"Socialist Party members are the best champions of day-to-day
struggles of workers.

"We have been the organisers of the genuine alliances of those
opposed to New Labour and we are the ones campaigning for the trade
unions to break with Labour.

"Socialism is back on the agenda, it is more relevant now
than ever."