SACKED for speaking out

EILEEN HUNTER, National Union of Teachers’ representative at the
International School and Community College in Birmingham, has been
sacked for speaking out in her school.

Socialist Party member Eileen has argued with her headmaster Sir
Dexter Hutt over many issues. Last year he tried to sack 29 support
staff but a union campaign stopped him. This year he threatened
teachers’ jobs but again the union started organising action on this.

Eileen criticised the head’s ‘zero-tolerance’ attitude to discipline
at a National Union of Teachers (NUT) conference. His policies have led
to 440 pupils being given exclusions (and never coming back) and another
17 being expelled. Sir Dexter even described Eileen, accurately, as
"the champion of staff and students".

She was marched out of the school after the teachers’ vote and her
disputing his decision to stop the school’s A-level programme. Eileen
says: "My sacking had nothing to do with my teaching, but
everything to do with my trade union activities.

"I loved my job. I don’t think we should have kids having to
hang around the streets because they have been excluded. I also think
A-levels can be an inspiration to young people."

The school obviously saw Eileen as a thorn in their side. They never
even formally disciplined her but went straight for suspension and
dismissal. A campaign is being organised to get Eileen her job back.
Meanwhile please send support for Eileen via the socialist.