Bush regime in crisis

THE BUSH administration is experiencing an acute political crisis
only one year after the US president was comfortably re-elected.

As the socialist has previously commented, the deadly combination of
an unwinnable war, a web of intrigue and corruption and Hurricane
Katrina – which lifted the lid on the poverty and racism scarring the US
– means this is a generalised crisis not just for Bush and his
presidency but for the system itself.

63% of the US people now say that some or all US troops in Iraq
should now be withdrawn, while a record high 59% said the invasion was a
mistake. Bush’s personal standing in opinion polls is lower even than
Ronald Reagan’s during the Iran-Contra scandal, who had 45% support
compared to 39% for Bush.

The dissatisfaction of the American people and particularly the
working class is now of volcanic proportions. The students’ walkout on 2
November (see reports below) is one indicator of this growing anger.
But, as with Britain, there is not as yet a mass force capable of
galvanising this mood. The Democrats, as a party of big business, are no

Only by preparing for a US mass workers’ party will a new road be
opened up which can end the nightmare of unwinnable and bloody wars, a
failing economic system and increasing class divide.

anti-war protests: Successful student walkouts
across country