Female factory workers in Russia start hunger strike

CWI urgent solidarity appeal:

Female factory workers in Russia start hunger strike

Six female workers at the ‘Kholodmash’ factory in Yaroslavl city,
Russia, including the leader of the plant’s trade union, Olga Boiko,
started an "indefinite hunger strike", on 16 May.

CWI reporters, Russia

Workers began the hunger strike as part of their campaign demanding
payment of several months wage arrears and to demand a plan to save the
Kholodmash factory, which is now on the verge of bankruptcy.

Only weeks ago, on 27 March, the workforce occupied the Director’s
office in the factory and refused to release the Director until he
promised to begin negotiations with them, including participation by the
regional government.

The occupation ended after the regional governor, Anatolii Lisitsyn,
agreed to participate in finding a solution (see previous report on

However, notwithstanding many promises, the workers’ demands are
still not met. At the end of April, the Regional Government (Oblduma)
turned down a proposal to open a credit line for the factory. As a
result, the workforce, once again, find themselves with no way out but
to step up their protests.

In desperation, six workers have taken the drastic decision to go on
hunger strike. On 30 May, the Arbitration Court is due to meet to decide
whether to declare the factory bankrupt.

The Kholodmash workers need the energetic support of trade unionists,
socialist organisations, and human rights groups. Solidarity protest
actions are needed.

Please send emails, faxes or letters of protest, to: Valerii
Kalinkin, Kholodmash Director

  • By e-mail: [email protected]
  • or by fax +7 4852 552204. (If the phone is answered, just say
    "Start fax", and wait for the fax ring tone).

Also, please send protests to: Anatolii Lisitsyn, Yaroslavl Region

Fax to ++7 4852 328414.

Please send copies of protests to: [email protected] (And they will be
passed on to the Kholodmash workers).