“We’ve got the BNP on the back foot”

Press release from North West NO2EU:

“We’ve got the BNP on the back foot”

– former Mayor and north-west union leader

Speaking after clashes in Carlisle on Saturday between union-based left-wing Euro-elections party No to EU – Yes to Democracy and the far-right racist British National Party, Carlisle-based No2EU – Yes to Democracy candidate Craig Johnston said:

“We’ve got the BNP on the back foot and they have come out screaming. Their racism and the pro-millionaire policies of the main parties face a real challenge from No2EU – Yes to Democracy.

“BNP members hurling abuse at me shows we’ve got them rattled. We’ll be stepping up our campaign to keep the BNP out and win a seat on behalf of the majority sick of all the main parties.”

No2EU – Yes to Democracy is standing a full slate of candidates in every constituency in England, Scotland and Wales. Mr Johnston, former Carlisle Mayor and member of the RMT union national executive for Manchester & the North-West, added:

“I have lived and worked in and loved the city of Carlisle for 45 years. No one is going to intimidate and harass me off the streets of my home town. I urge all those opposed to the BNP to join us next Friday when we rally for Hope not Hate, and continue our campaign saying No2EU – Yes to Democracy.”

North-West NO2EU campaign

North-West NO2EU campaign


Hope Not Hate – smash the BNP and derail the EU gravy train

Friday 15th May, 11.30am, Carlisle station
12 noon Carlisle Cross
Carlisle City centre

North-west NO2EU - Yes to Democracy

North-west NO2EU – Yes to Democracy: Craig Johnston first left in picture

No2EU – Yes to Democracy is standing in every constituency in the country, in London headed by rail-workers’ union leader Bob Crow. Campaign website www.no2eu.com

No2EU – Yes to Democracy policy programme stands for:
  • Reject the Lisbon Treaty!
  • No to EU directives that privatise our public services;
  • Defend and develop manufacturing, agriculture and fishing industries in Britain;
  • Repeal anti-trade union ECJ rulings and EU rules promoting the race to the bottom;
  • No to racism and fascism, Yes to international solidarity of working people;
  • No to EU militarization;
  • Repatriate democratic powers to EU member states;
  • Replace unequal EU trade deals with fair trade that benefits developing nations;
  • Scrap EU rules designed to stop member states from implementing independent economic policies;
  • Keep Britain out of the eurozone.

  • The North-west candidates are as follows:

    Roger Bannister – Unison NEC member; Les Skarratts – FBU brigade secretary (Merseyside); Craig Johnston – RMT executive; Alec MacFadden – President of Merseyside trades council; Steve Radford – Liberal Party councillor; Lynn Worthington – Community and healthcare campaigner; John Metcalfe – Former deputy Labour leader of Carlisle council; Harry Smith – One of the 47 surcharged Liverpool Labour councillors

    North-West No2EU - Yes to Democracy

    North-West No2EU – Yes to Democracy

    Read more online at www.no2eu.com