Special Appeal – Fund our campaign

THE SOCIALIST Party has smashed through its quarterly fighting fund target with a few days to go, thanks to the excellent campaigning activity throughout the quarter, despite the appalling weather.

Excellent sales of The Socialist were also recorded. A marvellous new record branch sale of 750 for one issue was set in Swansea, where the Save Free Education campaign and the anger over cuts in disability benefits continues to bring support for Socialist Party Wales.

On the Hackney day of action against job cuts on 20 December we sold an excellent 275, showing the bitter anger against the Labour-Tory coalition council and also raised £130 for our fighting fund (see full reports pages 2 & 7).

Many generous donations from readers also helped us get our target. This week we received 150 from Mike O’Connell in Brighton, £20 from Jack Pickersgill and £20 from Russ Green. London party members and readers raised £300 at their Christmas party.

Final figures will appear in next week’s paper. All branches and regions should now draw up plans to reach next quarter’s target, which will end on 30 March 2001.

The Socialist believes 2001 will bring another record year for sales and fund raising. So why not subscribe or donate now to help build the socialist alternative!

One of the most urgent demands for our cash will be standing candidates in the general election, likely to be held in the spring. We’ve reached 75% of our target in pledges so far and 36% of our target in payments for our special election appeal.

In order to mount a successful campaign we need all pledges before the end of January, with hard cash being paid into our funds by the beginning of March at the very latest.

Please rush your donations of a week’s income to the Socialist Party.