Not to Darling’s pay freeze

CHANCELLOR ALISTAIR Darling’s rank political opportunism – announcing a pay freeze on 40,000 top civil servants during the Tory Party conference – reeks of hypocrisy.

Where is the government decree reversing MPs’ pay rise this year or stopping their outrageous expenses claims or capping their lucrative final salary pensions? Where is Darling’s announcement that bankers’ bonuses will be halted or that the likes of ex-RBS boss Fred Goodwin will be forced to repay his platinum plated pay off?

In practice, it’s not the wealthy who will be taking a hit from Darling. It will be low paid public sector workers, already suffering from years of pay and pension cuts who will also be told to accept another year’s wage freeze.

Low paid public sector workers should not have to shoulder the capitalist economic crisis but instead should prepare to fight the government’s austerity plan.