Vote Socialist

…because nobody pulls our strings

Tony Blair - Bosses' puppet, photo Alan Hardman

Tony Blair – Bosses’ puppet, photo Alan Hardman

TONY BLAIR has finally called the election. Socialist Party candidates will present a positive socialist alternative to counter the same old cynical pro-big business policies of Labour, Tories and Liberals.

Socialist candidates promise to fight to reverse the disastrous privatisation of rail and the proposed privatisation of London Underground. And they will reverse the 4% a year increased taxation Labour has imposed through stealth taxes.

Socialists will ensure that money is taken from big business and the wealthy to pay for more teachers and other public-sector workers, reducing their working hours and increase their pay. A socialist alternative means ending the growing wealth gap and eradicating the poverty stemming from it.

Socialists will introduce a £7 an hour minimum wage and build new social housing for workers in London and throughout Britain. We will urgently provide proper investment into public services – not the privatisation “get rich quick for fat cats” schemes.

Socialists will fight the jobs massacre being carried out and argue that any firm threatening redundancies should be taken into public ownership and run under democratic workers’ control and management.

But despite Labour’s rhetoric about realising that “Labour has not done everything people want” and fighting the election as “if it was on a knife edge”, Labour will complacently continue its pro-big business policies.

But at this election a working-class alternative will be provided by Socialist Party members and nearly 200 other socialist candidates who will not be doing the bidding of big business but defending the interests of working-class people. We will not have big business pulling our strings.

Socialist Party members will campaign to reverse the disastrous Thatcherite, pro-big business policies of both Labour and the Tories before them and shift the balance of wealth and power in favour of working-class people.

If you want to end Labour and Tory cynicism, apathy and sleaze then vote Socialist.

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