Tory MP: ‘It’s your fault you’re poor’

Karen Seymour and Roo Stevens, Mansfield Socialist Party

Poor people can’t cook and can survive on 30p per meal – £6.30 a week. That’s according to ex-Labour councillor, and now Tory MP for Ashfield, Lee Anderson.

Anderson, the MP who refused to support England at last year’s World Cup because the players took the knee, has again chosen to show his arrogance and ignorance. He seems to enjoy humiliating people. His social media also shows off the obscene mounds of food he eats in local restaurants, more than I eat in a week, and definitely costing more than 30p! Then again, MPs can claim £25 a day for food.

Anderson and his ilk perpetuate the myth that poor people and benefit claimants can’t be bothered to cook; that they are feckless and lazy and need educating. That’s why he insists that visitors to his local food bank are forced to sign up for patronising cooking and budgeting lessons before getting any food.

Actually, people on low incomes are some of the best budgeters I know, we have to be!

These latest out-of-touch comments have been accompanied by another Tory MP, George Eustice, patronisingly recommending people buy own value brands when shopping!

Thanks George, that hadn’t occurred to us. And with access to heavily subsidised restaurants (and bars) in the House of Commons, why should he care?

We need fundamental change, not budgeting tips. That’s why the Socialist Party fights for:

  • A £15-an-hour minimum wage, and living benefits and pensions
  • For pay, benefits and pensions to rise automatically with the cost of living
  • Nationalise the big food and fuel companies to combat soaring prices