Fight Fees Education not occupation

NUS demonstration 26 October

Fight Fees Education not occupation

NEW LABOUR’S plans to introduce top-up fees are facing huge opposition. 80% of people are against them. Because of this mass opposition, the government can’t even be sure of getting their plans through parliament.

Zena Awad, Socialist Students national organiser

Even if they make some concessions to poorer students, students will still be faced with thousands of pounds worth of debt when graduating.

The proposal of a graduation tax will not, if implemented after 2006, alleviate the poverty stricken and debt ridden conditions facing students, often forced into low-paid casual work and graduating owing up to £15,000 in student loans.


Government cuts in the public funding of higher education result in the shortage of facilities on campuses. University staff have taken strike action for better pay and conditions. Socialist Students will be pushing for joint campaigns of students and campus trade unions against privatisation, for more public funding into all public services and for free quality education and a living grant for all.

The government tries to justify its attacks on education by claiming that there is no money to fund our public services, telling students they will have to pay for their education through up-front fees or graduation tax or increased interest rates on student loans.


Yet the government can find billions of pounds to fund the development of weapons of mass destruction and finance the brutal war and occupation of Iraq in the interests of US imperialism, big business and the oil industries.

This is why Socialist Students has also been involved in building the anti-war movement and is planning action against Bush’s visit to Britain in November.

Socialist Students say:
  • No to top-up fees and no to graduation tax
  • Abolish tuition fees
  • A living grant for all students
  • Build mass action to defend non-payers

Socialist Students national meeting

26 October, 3pm-3.30pm start,
Clarence Pub, off Trafalgar Square, London WC2