RMT Tube workers strike. Photo Paul Mattsson
RMT Tube workers strike. Photo Paul Mattsson

Defend the right to strike

50,000 rail and tube workers in RMT transport union are standing shoulder to shoulder in historic national strike action, joined by other union members in some areas.

Rail workers kept going throughout the pandemic, making sure other key workers could get to work. The least they, and the rest of us, deserve is an inflation-proof pay rise.

Not only that, but hard-won working conditions are under attack and safe services for the public at risk.

Workers struggling with soaring bills will be cheering the strike on. At last, a serious fightback!

No wonder the Tory government of the rich and the millionaire press are trying to whip up opposition to the strikes. They’re terrified more will join in.

This strike, coming straight after the TUC demo on 18 June, can change things.

Pay is going down, bills are going up, and the rich are getting even richer. So many working-class people are struggling and are angry, but haven’t felt like they know what to do.

Well, now they will grow in confidence.

The whole trade union movement needs to stand in solidarity with the RMT strike. Not least because of the renewed attempts to curb the right to strike with desperate new anti-trade union measures.

And the best way to be in solidarity is to come out fighting as well! Lots of workers have been taking strike action in recent months, from bins to buses, schools and universities. CWU members in Royal Mail and BT are balloting for action, and public sector workers in universities, schools and the civil service are getting ready for ballots.

Fight for inflation-busting pay rises for all. Defend the right to strike. Build a movement to kick out the Tories and campaign for an independent working-class party that will fight for socialist policies in the interests of all working-class people.