Protest Against Warmonger Bush

The Hutton enquiry evidence has left Blair indelibly marked as a man prepared to lie and cheat in order to back Bush’s war. Forty one per cent of Britons believe that “Blair acts as Bush’s foreign minister and does everything that he wants”, according to a recent ICM poll.

Yet just to add insult to injury Blair has invited Bush to come and take a stroll round Britain from 19-21 November. This will outrage the millions of people who already feel cheated by the lies Blair has told in order to take Britain into a bloody occupation of Iraq.

The Stop the War Coalition (STWC) is planning a series of ‘Stop Bush’ activities and demonstrations. The Socialist Party will be building for all of these events. In particular we should campaign for the local evening demonstrations and rallies taking place across the country on Wednesday 19 November. Socialist Party branches should find out what is being planned in your area, if nothing has been organised yet then plan an event in co-ordination with other anti-war activists.

On Thursday 20 November a national demonstration has been called in London at 2pm (details of the exact venue will be announced shortly). We are campaigning for transport to be booked and filled from every area of the country. This will primarily be a demonstration of young people, and universities and colleges and schools will be the key areas to build for it.

A week of hard campaigning will be concluded by the International Socialist Resistance conference, an opportunity for young people to discuss how to build an alternative to the warmongers.

For more details about the demonstrations contact Hannah Sell on [email protected]

Stop Bush demonstration:

Thursday 20 November, 2 pm, Central London