Socialist Party’s Hannah Sell on Jeremy Vine show today

Hannah Sell, photo Socialist Party

Hannah Sell, photo Socialist Party

Hannah Sell, the Socialist Party’s deputy general secretary debated which social class is most affected by the latest budget on the BBC’s Jeremy Vine show today. The debate starts just over six minutes into the show.

“Eighteen of this cabinet are millionaires”, said Hannah, “and this is a government by the rich, for the rich, and they are setting out to hammer the rest of us.”

Big business are having corporation tax cut to the lowest rate in the western world, Hannah pointed out. The rest of us face 25% cuts in public spending.

The gap between rich and poor is going to get even worse, as a result of a crisis of big business and capitalism, while poor people are getting cuts to their benefits.

To listen to Hannah Sell debate with an editor of the Telegraph newspaper and an ex-banker, click here.

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