Donate to the Socialist Party

Big business funds the pro-capitalist parties, but unsurprisingly, not socialists who put forward a workers’ voice to challenge them. There is no party in Westminster defending the interests of working-class people.

The Socialist Party stands firm for socialist ideas – standing up against exploitative bosses, the Tories, and the Labour Blairites, and charting a way forward to build the maximum unity of the working class in struggle for socialist change.

To do this, the party needs to raise the necessary finance – to fund leaflets, posters, petitions, banners, placards, meeting room hire, etc, to get our socialist message out as widely as possible.

Every three months we aim to meet a £25,000 target for our Fighting Fund. The January-March 2024 campaign raised a fantastic £37, 498 – thanks to all who donated!! Our next deadline is 30 June 2024.

Every pound given counts. We appeal to all our website readers to make a donation, whether large or small, to help towards the building of a socialist alternative.

You can pay via credit card or PayPal here: Note 12-4-24 – it appears you have to click the “Try Again” button that appears after your first attempt, to get your card payment through PayPal’s payment system. We’re working on it. You can knock off it’s attempts to get you to sign up if you wish.