The Socialist

The Socialist 2 June 2021

NHS pay and funding: 'If we fight we can win'

The Socialist issue 1136

3 July day of protest - save our NHS from the Tories

Capitalism's Covid failings

Unite general secretary campaign: Statement from Sharon Graham

Unite general secretary campaign: Statement from Howard Beckett

Boycotts - what role can these play in the struggle for a Palestinian state?

Stop Israeli state terror: solidarity protests continue

Will Biden's 'green' agenda avert an impending climate change catastrophe?

Sparks force bosses to talk after blockading AWE

Save jobs, save livelihoods, save GKN Automotive - nationalise the plant!

Workplace round-up

Belarus: Lukashenko's desperate attempt to silence opposition

Colombia: General strikes continue

Cladding danger: Protest 5 June!

Pimlico Academy protest demands elected governors

York students demand democratic control of schools

Protests against anti-protest bill

Waltham Forest byelections: Council homes not unaffordable flats

Raising Fighting Fund in Southern region

Hillsborough crimes go unpunished

University funding reform: Fight for free, fully funded education for all


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The Socialist 2 June 2021, NHS pay and funding: 'If we fight we can win'