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The Socialist 11 December 2013

After Mandela: The struggle must continue

The Socialist issue 792

After Mandela: The struggle must continue

Cameron 'kowtows' to Chinese dictatorship

Cops Off Campus: NUS must call a national demonstration now!

Osborne's budget statement - work 'til you drop or fight back!

Reactions to the Autumn Statement

Fight for our NHS: Public health, not private profit

Struggling workers say 'fight poverty pay'!

Austerity and the new working poor

Them & Us

Floods: "Daddy, there's water on the floor"

Swansea councillors: which side are you on?

Why I've donated to the Socialist Party Christmas appeal

Obituary: Joel Lane, 1963-2013

Message to our readers and contributors

Building TUSC in byelections


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