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From: The Socialist issue 595, 30 September 2009: Fight all council cuts

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Socialism 2009: ideas to change the world

Monique speaking at Socialism 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

Monique speaking at Socialism 2008, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge)

Socialism 2009 should prove to be a stimulating experience encouraging you to learn more, develop your understanding and to meet more likeminded people, however much you know already.

Alex Humphries Hull Socialist Party
Socialism 2009

Socialism 2009   (Click to enlarge)

Last year, I attended the annual Socialism weekend for the first time, having been a member of the Socialist Party for around six months. It was a fantastic event, with engaging political discussions helping to develop my own political understanding further. Aside from the sessions, just meeting and socialising with other members, or supporters interested in socialist ideas, can answer questions you have, or develop your own handling of questions.

Socialism 2009 will offer similar opportunities, including for people who want to find out more about socialism. But the mix of sessions ensures that there is something for everyone, from those who have only just discovered socialist ideas, to those with in-depth theoretical knowledge.

There will be a course on 'Introducing Socialism', starting with the session 'What is Socialism?' which will be used to explain the problems and flaws of capitalism, but also what the socialist alternative is. The reasons for not simply tweaking capitalism, but fundamentally changing the system as a whole, will be explained, as well as how this change can be carried out.

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise what life would be like under a different system, and this session hopes to make the concepts of socialism more lucid, giving you the confidence and understanding to fight for a better society.

Some people claim that there is no working class in Britain anymore. The second session in the 'Introducing Socialism' course will discuss the questions 'Does the working class still exist? Does it have the power to change the world?'

The third session of the 'Introducing Socialism' course will be 'Why the Soviet Union wasn't socialist and how democracy would work under socialism'. For people who have reservations about socialist ideas because of the history of the Soviet Union, or who struggle to explain their ideas to people who cite the Soviet Union as an argument against socialism, then this is the session for you.

So make sure you get your ticket, and I hope to see you there!

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