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From: The Socialist issue 881, 2 December 2015: Don't bomb Syria

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Christmas 'collectathon': 8 to 17 December

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

We are appealing to all our readers and supporters to help the Socialist Party hit our target of 35,000 for the final quarter of the year, enabling us to achieve a record fighting fund total for 2015.

Socialist Party members have already set a record in raising over 30,000 for the recent Socialism 2015 appeal. A quarter of that total is going towards the Committee for a Workers' International special appeal, so we still have some way to go to reach 35,000.

We are calling for a ten day collectathon from 8-17 December to help boost our chances of hitting the target. We are asking branches to extend their Saturday campaign stalls and plan one on

the Sunday too as there will be plenty of Christmas shoppers about.

Christmas is also the time of parties - you can enjoy yourselves and raise some funds for the Socialist Party!

Wirral branch has been leading the way on campaign stalls - members have raised over 1,300 since the beginning of October campaigning in Birkenhead. Dave Jones reports:

"On the past two Saturdays we've campaigned against NHS cuts for two and a half hours raising about 140 each time. We then did another stall on zero-hour contracts for 90 minutes with two new members, raising about 50."

Socialist Party members have also been hard at work campaigning in support of the action by junior doctors to defend their terms and conditions; supporting the demonstration against climate change and opposing the bombing of Syria.

That's why the fighting fund is so important - it helps finance all our campaigning work; it enables us to produce leaflets and posters, placards and banners for these demonstrations, building support for socialist ideas. We also recently lost six of our striking red gazebos to the wind, which need to be replaced.

Every donation and every pound raised will help us get to our target and enable us to go into 2016 with the resources to face the battles ahead.

Karl Marx Walk

See the places where he worked, lived and drank in Soho and Covent Garden and hear about his revolutionary life.

Saturday, 5 December, 2.30pm. Meet next to Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, W1. 7 (4 concessions) Tour will last about an hour and a half. Contact: Pete 07866 438779

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