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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Free book with your new direct debit

If you take out a direct debit for a subscription to the Socialist newspaper you can get a free book from the list below.

Apply to Chris by email (see below). Subject to availability

The Masses Arise by Peter Taaffe
  • Socialism in the 21st Century by Hannah Sell
  • The masses arise – the great French revolution 1789-1815 by Peter Taaffe
  • France 1968 month of revolution by Clare Doyle
  • Empire defeated - Vietnam War by Peter Taaffe
  • Cuba –socialism and democracy by Peter Taaffe
  • Planning for the planet by Pete Dickenson
  • 1926 General strike by Peter Taaffe
  • Che Guevara – symbol of struggle by Tony Saunois
  • It doesn’t have to be like this – Women and the struggle for Socialism by Christine Thomas
  • A Civil war without guns – Lessons of the 184-85 miners’ strike by Ken Smith
  • Marxism in Today’s world by Peter Taaffe
  • Socialism and Left Unity by Peter Taaffe
  • A Socialist World is possible –history of the CWI  by  Peter Taaffe
  • Science, Marxism and the big bang by Pete Mason
  • Revolution 1917 (a collection of articles from the Socialist newspaper on the Russian Revolution)

Email [email protected] with your request, including details of your subscription. Direct Debits only.