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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Tories out - we need socialism

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1017, 7 November 2018

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01 Worldwide walkout at Google against sexual.mp3

02 Pittsburgh Synagogue shootings Unite to fight.mp3

03 Mexico The movement of 68 and the massacre of.mp3

04 CWI news in brief USA Socialist Alternative.mp3

05 Taiwan Fighting for LGBT+ rights On 27 October,.mp3

06 Union rally brings Melbourne to a standstill A.mp3

07 Nae Pasaran a film about working-class solidarity.mp3

08 The Socialist inbox Do you have something to say.mp3

09 Gentrification killing music Popular Brighton.mp3

10 Global parasites While most workers and poor.mp3

11 Hobson’s choice One of capitalism’s great.mp3

12 Podcast thumbs-up The first episode of the new.mp3

13 Jobs and nukes The socialist arguments against.mp3

14 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1017 Tories out.mp3

15 Labour councils should use £14bn reserves to.mp3

16 University bankruptcy threat – kick the market.mp3

17 Stand up against abuse – justice not racism Mike.mp3

18 Care crisis cashing in Scott Jones Private.mp3

19 Back Chris Baugh and Marion Lloyd for a fighting,.mp3

20 Chris Baugh for PCS assistant general secretary.mp3

21 Marion Lloyd for PCS president I am standing for.mp3

22 Arriva Rail North strike hits 34 days of action.mp3

23 Leeds public back rail guards’ strike in ‘ballot’.mp3

24 Socialists support striking Carlisle rail guards.mp3

25 Cable workers’ Halloween picket line attempts to ‘.mp3

26 Royal Bolton Hospital Another victory against.mp3

27 Occupy and demand nationalisation to save Devon.mp3

28 Unison higher education ballot 62% vote to.mp3

29 Bradford uni strike Iain Dalton, Yorkshire.mp3

30 Hundreds march to save Blackwood leisure centres.mp3

31 Crowds turn out for Corbyn in Rugby Jeremy.mp3

32 But anti-democratic methods on show in Nuneaton.mp3

33 Thousands march against overnight closure of.mp3

34 Protesters drive far right out of Liverpool.mp3

35 Unions and campaigners challenge Southampton cuts.mp3

36 Support the Socialist alternative, subscribe to.mp3

37 East London public square threat halted The Save.mp3

38 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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