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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Stand firm against the Blairite coup

Audio files for The Socialist issue 909, 6 July 2016

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01 Editorial of the SocialistStand.mp3

02 Merseyside says Keep Corbyn, sack.mp3

03 Keep Corbyn demonstrations in LeedsAround.mp3

04 Stoke-on-Trent Meeting discusses.mp3

05 Stevenage supports CorbynStevenage.mp3

06 Join the Socialist Party to fight.mp3

07 Why I joined I want my generation.mp3

08 Why I joined My real education.mp3

09 NSSN conference United and implacable.mp3

10 Education fightbackJane Nellist.mp3

11 Sacked activist speaksSacked Samworth.mp3

12 Welsh strikers score victoryWelsh.mp3

13 After Chilcot put Blair in the.mp3

14 Osborne plans to cut corporation.mp3

15 Rough sleeper death sparks calls.mp3

16 Them & UsSuper-rich supercarsThe.mp3

17 I’ve spent the past ten days speaking.mp3

18 Junior doctors renew battle over.mp3

19 Teachers’ strike Angry and defiantSocialis.mp3

20 Unite policy conference 2016 Union.mp3

21 RMT conference takes fighting position.mp3

22 Southern Trains We have got to.mp3

23 Dorset First Group bus drivers.mp3

24 Firefighters fight cutsGreater.mp3

25 Hundreds protest to demand votes.mp3

26 Defiant Butterfields tenants visit.mp3

27 Southampton Rallies to counter.mp3

28 Turkey Deadly terrorist attack.mp3

29 Mexico Teachers continue strike.mp3

30 The Socialist inboxDo you have.mp3

31 Emerging class unityA discussion.mp3

32 ‘Every little helps’There is an.mp3

33 Keep Corbyn!I was a member of the.mp3

34 Refugee victory Peterborough to.mp3

35 Heavyweight heroMuhammad Ali, RIP.mp3

36 Tory racismThe Tories have been.mp3

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