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The Socialist issue 750

30 January 2013

NHS workers resist cuts

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The Socialist issue 750

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Socialist Party NHS news & campaigning

spotNHS workers resist cuts

Resistance is growing to the onslaught on healthcare. 25,000 people marched in Lewisham against the threat of losing the A&E, other services or the hospital itself. Unison members at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust are taking nspiring strike action

Marching to save Lewisham hospital, 26.1.13, photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotPrivatisation: Bleeding the NHS dry

spotHeatherwood hospital campaign shows determination

spotEast Midlands: Campaign forces retreat on ambulance station closure

spotLife as an NHS worker: bullying and stress

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCameron takes a gamble by threatening EU referendum

With the economy again sinking and likewise the Tories’ hopes of returning to power in 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron has turned to the issue of Europe to try to take votes from Ukip and improve Tory fortunes

spotAusterity’s utter failure

spotTaxing words from Cameron?

spotAaron Swartz: a fight to free information

spotThem & Us

Fighting the cuts

spotSouthampton councillors have a choice … Don’t vote for cuts!

Southampton Socialist Party put forward concrete proposals to the council’s budget consultation process to set a No Cuts budget to protect all jobs and services

Fight the Cuts! Southampton councillors speak out - TUSC video

spotHull councillors ready to vote No

Three Hull city Labour councillors have told the local press they will vote against cuts in jobs and services at the council budget setting meeting

spotBrighton’s Greens vote for cuts in workers’ allowances

Brighton and Hove council’s policy and resources committee, on 24 January, proposed a review of allowances received by staff. These allowances frequently make up large parts of workers’ wages, writes Jon Redford

spotLabour meltdown in Stoke-on-Trent continues; and Unison withholds funding

spotStop Sheffield children’s centre closures

Workplace news and events

spotTwelfth day of strike action by Tyne and Wear metro cleaners

Churchill cleaners on Tyne and Wear metro continue their battle against poverty pay

Churchill cleaners, Tyne & Wear metro, Jan 2013, photo Paul Phillips

Churchill cleaners, Tyne & Wear metro, Jan 2013, photo Paul Phillips

spotDfE strike ballot

spotLondon teachers call for strike action against Performance Related Pay

spotWorkplace news in brief

Socialist Party review

spotFired up by Fire in the Blood – a story of big business cruelty and neglect

Paul Heron reviews the film ‘Fire in the Blood’, directed by Dylan Mohan Gray.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotJumping through hoops for a job

The latest unemployment figures showed a small decrease in the number of people officially unemployed

9th November 2012 demo, photo Paul Mattsson

9th November 2012 demo, photo Paul Mattsson

spotShrewsbury 24: What is the government hiding?

Frances O'Grady and Ricky Tomlinson listening to Eileen Turnball, Shrewsbury 24 press conference, 23.1.13, photo by Bob Severn

spotWales conference – confidence in socialist ideas

spotServer appeal: Members provide a huge boost to our resources

spotSocialist Party National Congress 2013


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