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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 853

22 April 2015

Stop NHS cuts!

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The Socialist issue 853

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotStop NHS cuts!

Like a tiny plaster over a gaping wound, promises to improve the NHS made by the establishment parties are worthless

spotElection: Distorted effect of anger against austerity

The desperate measures of both Labour and the Tories to gain votes by stealing each other’s clothes have made virtually no difference to the polls

spotLabour is facing electoral oblivion in Scotland

The Scottish National Party (SNP) launched its election manifesto as opinion polls point to a SNP landslide at Labour’s expense on 7 May

spotFleeing refugees drown in ‘Mediterranean cemetery’

Hundreds drowned in the Mediterranean Sea last week when their flimsy people-smuggling boats capsized off the Libyan coast

spotBeyond the Pale – capitalism and the environment

spotTories reassure tax avoiders

spotThem & Us

The government has been slammed over privatising the processing of visa applications to the UK

Socialist history

spot30 years ago: 250,000 school students walked out.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the 1985 school student strikes. Militant, the predecessor of the Socialist Party, played a leading role in organising them

Elections 2015

spotTUSC’s election broadcast – “at last – a left wing alternative”

On Friday 17 April the TUSC party political broadcast aired on all five terrestrial TV channels

spotTUSC v broadcasters and banksters

spotYork Central: ‘A breath of fresh air’

Megan Ollerhead, TUSC parliamentary candidate for York Central, spoke to the Socialist

spotStanding up for workers in Derby South

As a support worker in the health sector for people with complex needs I’m angry with what is happening to people due to cuts

spotElection appeal update

“TUSC does what it says on the tin” – Bob Crow. The brilliant election broadcast made that clear to even more people

Socialist Party workplace news

spotUsdaw conference

The past year has been a bruising one for retail and distribution workers. One supermarket company after another has faced a crisis while high street shop closures have failed to significantly slow, writes Stop the supermarket bosses’ attacks on workers.

spotPay issues dominate at Unison Health conference

Health workers gathered in Liverpool for Unison Health conference on 13-14 April, coming at a time when the NHS has become a key election battleground

spotKone engineers

spotCWU conference: We need a fighting trade union

This year’s Communication Workers’ Union conference will be the last with Billy Hayes as general secretary following his recent election defeat to Dave Ward

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotFast food workers hungry for justice

spotHousing crisis: We demand rent controls!

There is a severe crisis in housing. Low pay and sky-high rents mean that private renters spend over half their income paying the rent.

spotNUS women’s conference

Now is a time when fighting back is becoming ever more important. But no mass organisations are willing to play the role of leaders. Socialist Students has to step up!

Readers’ comments

spotDallas dreams or fracking nightmare?

Oil reserves have been discovered in the Horse Hill area around Gatwick airport. The chief executive of UK Oil and Gas Investments (UKOG) claimed there were up to 100 billion gallons of oil

spotJanner scandal: ruling class closes ranks

The latest in the series of horrific mass child sexual abuse scandals is around Greville Janner, a Labour Party member of the House of Lords


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