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The Socialist issue 877

4 November 2015

£10 an hour now!

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The Socialist issue 877

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spot£10 an hour now!

The Trades Union Congress reports that nearly six million workers in the UK earn less than the voluntary ‘living wage’.

spotUnions must capitalise on mass anger at austerity and anti-union laws

Cameron and Co are rushing their anti-union legislation through parliament ahead of the next wave of vicious cuts.

spotThe ‘tampon tax’ is a tax on being a woman

An argument over whether tampons are a ‘luxury item’ seems ridiculous. The tampon tax is nothing less than a tax on being a woman.

spotLong hours ruining health without lifting productivity

Studies now show that working long hours doesn’t just damage your health – it doesn’t even get more done.

spotTransgender woman locked up in male prison

Tara Hudson, a transgender woman, was locked up in an all-male prison after her conviction for assault.

spotTory bid to turn co-op tenants against one another

The government’s Housing and Planning Bill is the greatest ever threat to the UK’s 836 housing cooperatives and their 196,000 homes.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Pharmaceutical profiteering, unemployment benefit decreases versus bosses idling on Twitter.

spotWhat we saw

Doctor Who argues against imperialist air strikes – and wins socialist support in Wales.

International socialist news and analysis

spotUS: #blacklivesmatter movement challenges racism

The #blacklivesmatter movement (BLM) has overtaken the traditional ‘civil rights’ campaigners, seen as too close to corporate interests.

spotTurkey: Erdogan’s victory based on fear and intimidation

The recent Turkish election took place against a backcloth of deepening economic and political insecurity in the country – a situation engineered by the ruling class.

spotInternational news in brief

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world. Kshama Sawant’s re-election campaign in the US, Russia enters Syrian quagmire, Polish elections.

Socialist Party features

spotThe Socialist: A fighting antidote to the mainstream media’s lies

We are not a paper like any other. Our journalists are not ‘professionals’ – they are the Socialist Party’s members and supporters: workers, trade unionists, young people, community campaigners.

spotThe socialist case for nationalisation of the steel industry

Whoops and cheers greeted Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Scunthorpe, in solidarity with steelworkers facing 900 job losses.

spotStruggle for solidarity with refugees must be anti-austerity

Under huge pressure Cameron has agreed to take in 20,000 refugees over the next five years. That is 4,000 a year. Not only is this pathetically low, but there is no attempt to offer a decent life for those who do come.

spotWhere did the unions’ money go?

Labour Party elections: Over £440,000 was donated by trade unions to candidates in this summer’s internal Labour Party elections, according to the official figures published by the Electoral Commission.

Workplace news and analysis

spotStrike together to Kill the Bill

Action gets results: The trade union bill being rushed through Parliament aims at removing any effective opposition to the Tories’ austerity agenda.

spotDetermined DLR strikers to “fight all the way”

The Docklands Light Railway has been shut down for 48 hours as over 300 workers take strike action.

spotUnison general secretary election – vote Roger Bannister

Vote Roger Bannister for a flexible political fund that works for members.

spotLondon Underground rep targeted for trade union activity

Glen Hart, RMT activist and a station supervisor on the London Underground Northern Line, is facing disciplinary action allegedly for not being deferential enough to a manager.

spotFire service cuts put people at risk

At a recent Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service review consultation meeting firefighters and ex-firefighters in attendance were initially prevented from speaking.

spotSolidarity action for victimised Unison rep

Unison activist Sandy Nicoll was suspended on 28 October by School of Oriental and African Studies management which led to an unofficial walkout by staff and students.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Strike at Barnet council, strike planned at secure hospital, strike ballot at Manchester University.

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotWrong: Owen Jones tells Labour “abandon anti-austerity”

Owen Jones is completely wrong to write in the Guardian that it’s time to “abandon anti-austerity”.

spotCycle cheat Armstrong’s hypocrisy and bullying

The Program is a biographical drama about Lance Armstrong, the disgraced former professional cyclist – and the efforts of investigative journalist David Walsh to expose him.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThe Socialist campaign: buy it, sell it – read it, write it

For just £1, a fraction of the cost of a pint or cup of coffee, you can get a paper unlike any other. And many people are willing to donate a lot more to support a workers’ paper.

spotSocialist Party joins campaign against NHS bullying

Socialist Party members have joined others in forming a group in Worcestershire called ‘Betrayed by Their Trust’, to document reported cases of bullying in the NHS.

spotSuper Southampton fighting fund campaign

Southampton Socialist Party branch raised over £1,000 for the fighting fund between July and September to smash our quarterly target. The majority came from public stalls.


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