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The Socialist issue 881

2 December 2015

Don't bomb Syria

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The Socialist issue 881

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What we think

spotDon’t bomb Syria! War vote reveals two Labour Parties in one

Editorial of the Socialist: For workers’ unity against war, terrorism and racism. Ahead of parliament’s vote on bombing Syria, deep divisions have opened between Jeremy Corbyn and the Blairites.

International socialist news and analysis

spotGreece – general strike against austerity sees mass protests

On 12 November, the first 24-hour general strike in a long time took place – this time against the policies of the ex-left Syriza government. Syriza has transformed itself into a pro-bailout party and introduced a new austerity package.

spotEyewitness to the refugee crisis: a visit to ‘The Jungle’

A volunteer reports on his time at the Calais refugee camp.

spotBelgium: ruling class can’t be trusted with ‘security’

If we consider how Belgium’s government deals with our wages, our benefits and our jobs, we should have no confidence to entrust them with our security.

spotSocialist takes third of vote in Hong Kong election

Sally Tang Mei-ching, candidate for the Socialist Party’s sister party in Hong Kong, won 1,152 votes (33%) against the pro-Beijing incumbent Yan Kai.

Socialist Party women

spotWomen: fight for equality, fight for socialism

It’s hard to believe that in the 1990s, articles were appearing asking: “Is the future female?” and “Are we witnessing a genderquake?” Women are still a long way from being liberated.

Socialist history

spotHow the Iron Lady was reduced to iron filings

Margaret Thatcher, the so-called ‘Iron Lady’, resigned as Tory prime minister 25 years ago. She had been in power for eleven years, winning three general elections, and yet was forced out before her term was over.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAction needed to save our NHS

Action gets results! In fact, the junior doctors have shown that the threat of action gets results. Their planned strike on 1 December was called off after the government was forced back to the negotiating table.

spotAutumn Statement u-turns: austerity can be defeated

In his autumn review, the Tory chancellor announced the government’s first U-turns

spotStudent nurses must pay to work

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement has scrapped bursaries for nursing students starting in 2017.

spotParis climate summit falls short in world’s hottest year

2015 will be the hottest year on record, according to US government scientists, beating the previous record holder, 2014. But world leaders at the UN conference on climate change in Paris show no signs of tackling impending catastrophe.

spotLondon ambulances in special measures due to underfunding

London Ambulance Service has become the first in the country to be placed in special measures. Failings have led to the NHS Trust Development Authority taking it over.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Bully-boy Tories expel bullying organiser – and hypocritically accuse trade unions of ‘bullying’ strike breakers and bosses.

Workplace news and analysis

spotJunior doctors’ strike suspended for talks

Following the involvement of the conciliatory body ACAS in talks between the Department of Health and the British Medical Association, planned walkouts in December have been suspended.

spotJCB redundancies mitigated but fight needed

Following talks with the GMB union, JCB has reduced proposed redundancies from 290 to 250, and announced it will allow voluntary redundancies to mitigate the ‘need’ for compulsory cuts. But a redundancy is a redundancy either way.

spotOpen Uni strikers prepared to go the distance

Members of lecturers’ union UCU are fighting job cuts at the Open University. We report on struggles in Bristol and Camden, north London.

spotBus drivers fight bully-boy managers

On 30 November, Huddersfield First UK Bus drivers took one-day strike action in protest at management’s decision to tear up a local pay agreement dating back to April.

spotWater workers protest against pension attacks

GMB members from United Utilities, Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire Water and Hartlepool Water are angry at rampant profiteering. Debt levels and consumer prices have risen, and two of the companies are attacking workers’ pensions.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Anti-blacklisting campaign work, retail union overrules youth committee to back Blairites, energy workers walk out.

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotFilm review – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Tense revolutionary finale ignores mass democracy: The final instalment of the Hunger Games movie franchise, Mockingjay – Part 2, was a tense and exciting end to the series.

spotA socialist Christmas gift guide

What does a Socialist Party member buy their loved ones at Christmas? Certainly not rolling in money; unlikely to have loads of time to go shopping…


Do you have something to say? Anti-welfare propaganda, state school parents asked to pay for teachers, rail bosses’ wages, and the power of effective opposition.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotChristmas ‘collectathon’: 8 to 17 December

We are appealing to all our readers and supporters to help the Socialist Party hit our target of £35,000 for the final quarter of the year, enabling us to achieve a record fighting fund total for 2015.

spotWorkers snap up the Socialist!

The Socialist newspaper is indispensable when campaigning. For just £1 you can pick up anti-austerity news.

spotProtesters demand system change not climate change

Protesters around the country marched on 29 November, to demand action to tackle climate change. Organisers claim 50,000 demonstrated in central London with thousands more on the streets in Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Belfast, Southampton and more.

spotDemonstration against the war

On Saturday 28 November Socialist Party members participated in the protest against the bombing of Syria.

spotFBU fights the cuts in Yorkshire

Selby Socialist Party is supporting the Fire Brigades Union in their campaign against fire service cuts in North Yorkshire, collecting 248 names to add to the FBU petition online that has gathered over 2,600 signatures.


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