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The Socialist issue 898

20 April 2016

Strike together to kick out the Tories!

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The Socialist issue 898

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What we think

spotStrike together to kick out the Tories!

After the anti-cuts march, build for coordinated strikes: The 26 April demonstration in London, called jointly by doctors’s union BMA and teachers’ union NUT, is very important. Joint workers’ action can stop the cuts.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotClock ticking on UK steel: it’s time to act!

If Tata can’t find a buyer it will sack 15,000 workers. Three times as many support workers will also lose their jobs. Reports have surfaced that the company will set 28 May as the deadline date, meaning workers have just over a month to save their jobs and communities.

spotCops bid to hide spy trial

Lawyers acting for police have argued that significant parts of an inquiry into infiltration by undercover police of political groups since 1968 should be held in secret.

spotTreasury boss attacks call to nationalise Tata

The Treasury’s former chief civil servant has attacked the call to nationalise Tata Steel. Meanwhile, it turns out that Tata has taken over £700 million in European Union carbon subsidies.

spotFree runs threatened

A parish council in Gloucestershire has voted to start asking for ‘donations’ from runners at free weekly ‘Parkrun’ events.

spotThem & Us

Panama papers: Poverty charity Oxfam has detailed yet more of the capitalists’ obscene hypocrisy. Its latest report exposes the lie that capitalism is an effective system for allocating global resources.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotPent Valley students strike against closure

Hundreds of school students struck against the closure of their Technology College

spot2,000 lay siege to A&E cutbacks consultation

“Let us in! Let us in!” This chant echoed through the air as 2,000 people turned out to a public meeting proposing the closure of A&E services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Yorkshire.

spotDay of action against poverty pay: £10 now!

Chants demanding a £10 an hour minimum wage rang out through Wakefield city centre on 14 April.

Elections 2016

spotWhy I’m standing

Tom Baldwin for mayor of Bristol: Over £100 million has been cut from Bristol City Council by the independent mayor and his cross-party cabinet. Over 1,000 jobs have been threatened, with cuts to libraries, care services, parks and more.

spotIncreasing anger at cuts boosts Grimsby campaign

The 2016 local elections will be the fourth the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has contested in Grimsby and we’ve gained experience from each one. It’s clear that the mood is changing and anger at the government and local councillors doing the government’s dirty work is increasing.

spotTUSC objects to Liverpool political censorship

Merseyside Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is recording its opposition to a Liverpool City Council election office decision to veto a section in Roger Bannister’s election address which refers to “Liverpool Labour”.

EU referendum

spotJeremy Corbyn’s EU u-turn

The bosses’ EU is no friend of workers: “Dodgy Dave decided my vote. He votes stay, I vote leave.” This tweet on the EU referendum sums up the attitude of growing numbers of people. It is one important reason that the majority of big business

spotEU: bosses pick ‘safe’ reactionary out voice

A big majority of the British capitalist establishment supports a Remain vote. This was a case of the establishment choosing not just its own team, but the safest opposition as well.

Socialist Party feature

spotThe socialist case for nationalisation

Nationalisation is back on the agenda. The crisis surrounding Tata steel has demonstrated that the market cannot secure the future of the industries vital for the economy. Nor can it provide the jobs that that communities rely upon.

Socialist history

spotIreland: 100 years since the 1916 Easter rising

A revolt against imperial power and war: This year marks the centenary of the Easter 1916 Rising against British rule in Ireland. For many working class people in Ireland this event is regarded as a key defining event in Irish history, with its participants and leaders held in high esteem.

spotChernobyl nuclear disaster – 30 years on

On 26 April 1986, an explosion destroyed the nuclear power station in Chernobyl. This explosion, the worst ‘nuclear incident’ in history, set back confidence in ‘clean’ nuclear energy for a generation.

Workplace news and analysis

spotHuge profits for BT and Royal Mail, cuts and attacks for workers

CWU conference: As the 2016 Communication Workers Union conference takes place, British Telecom continues its obsession with cost cutting, despite a 14% increase in profits to £2.6 billion last year.

spotStop supermarket bosses making us pay for their mistakes

Usdaw conference: On the eve of shop workers’ union Usdaw’s 2016 conference, Tesco boss Dave Lewis, who received £4.1 million in his first six months, was grilled by Channel 4 News for cutting workers’ premiums and attacking pensions.

spotPCS national elections: vote for Democracy Alliance

The Socialist Party supports the slate put forward by the Democracy Alliance, which includes seven Socialist Party members, including president Janice Godrich and vice-president John McInally, up for re-election.

spotReview: ‘On the Track’ by Bill Mullins

A demonstration of the role of a Marxist in the workplace: There were 612 strikes recorded at British Leyland’s Cowley plant in 1969 – workers today will be as amazed at that figure as the bosses were horrified by it then.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Tube stoppage, CCTV workers’ strike victory, Welsh museum walkouts.

International socialist news and analysis

spotInternational news in brief

Socialists in the news in US: Speeches by Socialist Party co-thinkers in the United States, Socialist Alternative, have been going viral across the pond.


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