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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Socialist issue 902

18 May 2016

Tories attack: fight back

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The Socialist issue 902

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTories attack: fight back

Queen’s Speech – more cuts and sell-offs: The Tory government has announced a raft of new bills to extend the privatisation and commercialisation of our public services, writes Dave Carr.

spotNHS staffing black hole

spotBristol Green backs cuts

spotStamp out sexist dress codes

spotUniversity of Facebook

spotBlair bombshell

spotWhat we saw

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us.

PCS Conference 2016

spotPCS leads the way in fightback against Tories

What a difference a year makes! Last year’s PCS (civil servants’ union) conference took place in the immediate aftermath of the Tory election victory. All the pessimists in leading positions in the labour and trade union movement shied away from a fight against what they saw as an all-powerful government.

spot“Where’s Carwyn?” – museum workers demand action

National Museum Wales workers from all over the country, currently on indefinite strike against the management’s imposition of a cut in pay, rallied at the Senedd in Cardiff on 11 May to demand the Welsh government step in and resolve the dispute, writes Dave Reid.

spotBIS members strike to save jobs and keep offices open

spotGovernment defeated by check-off court challenge

The EU

spotThe EU and the economy – Project Fear steps up

spotVote to leave the ‘Employers’ Union’ and fight the bosses’ government

Cameron can’t rely on Tory voters alone to win the EU referendum. Only 24% of the electorate backed his party in the general election and most of them aren’t in favour of staying in the EU.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotTeachers: vote Yes to strike – defend pay and conditions

“I am today reaffirming our determination to see all schools become academies. However, having listened to the feedback from parliamentary colleagues and the education sector we will now change the path to reaching that goal.” Nicky Morgan couldn’t have made it clearer – the wholesale privatisation of our schools is still the Tories’ aim.

spotHigher education action over pay and casualisation

spotJunior doctors vote to work with and develop links with other unions

spotUnite housing workers walk out against intransigent bosses

spotLow paid Pennine Foods workers strike over cuts to premiums

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotOn an upward trajectory: my experience as a new Socialist Party member

spotNewcastle: countering the fascist menace

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: New stage in battle over labour law

spotBelgium: unions call national demos and general strikes

Readers’ comments and reviews

spotTV review: Occupied

spotFeatured letter: stop the badger cull

spotSocialist postbag

Letters to the Socialist’s editors.


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