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The Socialist issue 919

5 October 2016

Tories out!

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The Socialist issue 919

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What we think

spotCombative, vibrant unions should be central to the Corbyn movement

Editorial of the Socialist: The debate about the correct approach for the Corbyn movement is manifesting itself within the trade union movement too. The Socialist Party has argued that the trade unions have a potentially key role to play in this process.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTories out!

The Tories are divided, led by a prime minister with no mandate, holding a majority of just 12 seats. A mass movement can bring down this vicious government, and their Blairite shadows.

spotCome to Socialism 2016!

At Socialism 2016 more than a thousand people will be discussing the socialist alternative to that system. It’s the place to be to learn the lessons of the movements in the US and elsewhere. And it will include serious discussions about organising here to defeat racism, to defend Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity leadership, to kick out the Tories, and much more.

spotSam Allardyce corruption shame: reclaim the game!

“Big Sam likes a bung,” or so the chant goes – seemingly with good reason, if the latest reports of corruption are anything to go by. Kick out the money men ruining football!

spotAsos workers fear taking toilet breaks, sacked for panic attacks

Workers at the warehouse of fashion retailer Asos are unable take toilet or drink breaks, in fear of not meeting targets. Due to the pressure, one worker began experiencing panic attacks. This resulted in the termination of her employment.

spotUK workers born in early 1980s half as wealthy as those born in 1970s

People born in the early 1980s are half as well-off as those born in the 1970s were at their age. This won’t come as any surprise to today’s 30-somethings.

spotMillions have less than £100 savings

How much is in your savings account? According to a new report published by the under-threat Money Advice Service, 44% of UK workers have savings of less than £100.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Royals get fat EU subsidies; flats for workers kept empty.

spotWhat we saw

Black History Month

spotFighting racism today

The police killing spree in the United States has unleashed a mass movement. It has also uncovered anew the ties between the profit system and endemic racism. The struggle against racism must also be the struggle for a socialist society.

Workplace news and analysis

spotRMT president Sean Hoyle speaks to the Socialist

Under attack but organising to fight back: Transport workers’ union RMT has been involved in many recent disputes and played an important role in supporting both Jeremy Corbyn and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. RMT president Sean Hoyle spoke to the Socialist.

spotDurham teaching assistants ballot for strike

Teaching assistants in Durham are furious at the Labour council’s plans to ‘chop and drop’ them. If these proposals go ahead 2,700 TAs will be sacked, then rehired on 23% less pay as they will only be paid during term time.

spotNapo conference 2016: new mood of determination

Probation and family court workers left Napo’s annual general meeting in a significantly more buoyant mood to the one in which they arrived. Increased attendance and key debates about the strategy of the union served to energise the conference in a way that hasn’t happened since probation services were part-privatised in 2014.

spotLondon Met strike against job cuts and victimisation

UCU members at London Metropolitan University took strike action on 29 September over job cuts, attacks on conditions and the victimisation of union reps.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Virgin Trains strike; Ritzy cinema strike; Newsquest journalists’ strike.

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotCorbyn’s praise for Cardiff Labour is mistaken

Corbyn needs allies to take on the Tories and big business, but he’s making a big mistake if he thinks he can count on most Labour councillors. At Labour Party conference he applauded Cardiff’s Labour-run council for not outsourcing Cardiff Bus. But it was less than a year ago Cardiff Bus workers forced to into prolonged strike action against poverty pay.

spotReview: where you live can kill you

Non-fiction – Health Divides: Clare Bambra provides a good, easy-to-understand introduction to the major causes of health inequality in rich countries. One shocking example is Stockton-on-Tees, where life expectancy varies by 17 years between rich and poor parts of the town.

spotReview: international jazz protest storytelling

Music – Radio International (Kefaya): They say that you can tell a lot about a band by its name. Kefaya is an Arabic word meaning ‘enough’. It was the cry of the grassroots revolutionary movement in Egypt, a powerful symbol of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings.

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Excluded from Momentum; Sports Direct workhouse; Blairite councillor defects to Tories; Merton Blairite councillors are self-selecting; Sheffield byelection report.

Socialist Students

spotSocialist ideas – winning a new generation of students

Campaigning in the new term at colleges and universities has generated renewed interest in Socialist Students. Many students who have signed up at freshers fairs have been exposed to socialist ideas through the Corbyn Labour leadership campaign, as well as being motivated to fight the government’s austerity attacks. Reports from De Montfort, Swansea, Goldsmiths, Pompey, Herts, Leeds Beckett, UAL and Bradford.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThousands march against Tory conference

Thousands took to the streets of Birmingham on 2 October to ‘take back Brum’ and demonstrate against Tory party conference starting in the city the same day. A Socialist Party public meeting took place at the end of the demonstration and was attended by around 50 people, many at their first meeting.

spotProtests against children’s centre closures in Bolton

A series of protests have been taking place outside children’s centres in Bolton, 13 of which are threatened with closure by the Labour-controlled council.

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

I’m a new Socialist Party member at the grand old age of 67. I was a member of local government union Unison for years as an activist and branch secretary. I may be an old joiner but my only regret is I didn’t do it years ago.

spotFighting fund record smashed again!

Socialist Party members raised a magnificent £30,772 between July and September, breaking the record for this period of the year. The quarterly fighting fund target had been increased to £30,000 at the beginning of July, a challenging total but one that we were determined to reach.

spotLeeds: Solidarity demo with Irish abortion fight

Socialists in Leeds called on the Irish government to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution at a city centre solidarity protest on 27 September. The amendment bans abortions.

spotLondon: Socialism Today milestone celebration

West London Socialist Party members hosted a successful ‘200th edition’ celebration of the party’s magazine Socialism Today on 14 September. Several people joined the Socialist Party.

spotWorcester: Public meeting discusses Corbyn

If Labour splits, can Corbyn win? This is what Worcestershire Socialist Party members discussed at our well-attended public meeting on 29 September. Our guest speaker was the Socialist Party’s Dave Nellist, former Labour MP.

International socialist news and analysis

spotPoland: Fighting back against anti-abortion law

A mass movement is developing in Poland against the Law and Justice-led government’s reactionary bill which bans abortions. This has included demonstarions of hundreds of thousands and a women’s strike on 3 October.

spotIreland: repeal the 8th Amendment!

Ruth Coppinger, Anti Austerity Alliance TD (MP) and Socialist Party (CWI, Ireland) member, gave a widely publicised speech in the Irish parliament on a woman’s right to choose. This follows a recent historic mass demonstration in favour of abortion rights.

spotJoint declaration by Izquierda Revolucionaria and the CWI

Following extensive discussions, a joint declaration was agreed between the CWI and Izquierda Revolucionaria. The degree of agreement means there is sufficient basis to work towards wider and deeper collaboration on a principled political basis.


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