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The Socialist issue 1010

19 September 2018

Blairites must go

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The Socialist issue 1010

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Labour Party conference

spotBlairites must go

Corbyn must boldly back mandatory reselection, and mobilise party members and the wider movement to fight to implement this and other democratising measures in Labour

spotThe struggle to transform Labour

Correspondence between Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe and Labour general secretary Jennie Formby: It is urgent that the Labour Party is transformed so it can bring together all those who want to fight in the interests of the working and middle class majority

spotMomentum’s ‘The World Transformed’ blocks discussion on Liverpool council struggle

The legacy of the socialist Labour councillors who defied Thatcher, refusing to pass on cuts, is not important enough for Momentum’s bureaucratic leadership

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBig drugs companies dodge £3 billion pounds in tax

Big pharmaceutical companies may be dodging up to £3 billon in tax, contributing to crises in health systems worldwide, including our NHS

spot250,000 families in “non-decent” homes

A quarter of a million families are bringing up children under the age of four in “non-decent” homes according to a recent report

spotBezos housing hypocrisy

Billionaire Jeff Bezos claims his new philanthropy fund will help the homeless – after a fighting a tax meant to pay for homes

spotRail rip-off reversal

Rail firm Arriva Trains Wales has reversed a policy of charging customers ‘commission’ for returning lost property

spotWhat we saw

Young Socialists out in Birmingham

International socialist news and analysis

spotSouth Africa: new workers’ formations herald fightback against Ramaphosa’s capitalist agenda

Exclusive interviews with Workers and Socialist Party activists: What is the state of working class in South Africa?

spotCatalonia: ‘Diada’ 2018 an immense show of strength for republic

For a socialist Catalan republic of the working class and youth! Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal thoroughfare overflowed with around two million people in an unprecedented mass mobilisation

Socialist Students

spotMobilise mass student fightback

Fight for education, Tories out now: The Tories – the politicians responsible for trebling students’ tuition fees, decimating our public services, and presiding over a generation-defining housing crisis – are in chaos, writes Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national chair.

spotSocialist Students campaigns at Hull freshers fair

Students were delighted to see socialists campaigning at Hull University

Workplace news and analysis

spotPOA walkout over government failure to make prisons safe

Interview with the POA DGS Joe Simpson: Prison workers have protested around the country

spotRMT strikers ready to up the ante over rail safety

More coordinated strikes against removal of safety-critical train guards took place on 15 September

spotUniversity pay ballot: vote yes for strike action!

The vast majority of union members at virtually all universities across the UK are being balloted for strike action over pay

spotBirmingham home carers’ protest demo

“Are you Tories in disguise?” was directed at Birmingham’s Blairite council on 15 September at another fantastic rally for striking home care workers

spotYork health workers say no to privatisation

Unite union members at York NHS Trust voted by a massive majority to strike against privatisation

spotLiverpool airport workers demand decent pay

Over 80 workers – members of the GMB union – are taking strike action at Liverpool’s John Lennon airport, as the employer insists on holding wage rises to below the rate of inflation

spotLeicester UCU fights redundancies

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotJoin our Socialist sales drive for issue 1011

We want to finish this sales quarter with as big a flourish as possible by linking up with our Fighting Fund ‘collectathon’ and selling 500 extra copies of the Socialist issue 1011

spotMarch to save threatened Liverpool Women’s Hospital

The much-loved Liverpool Women’s Hospital is still earmarked for closure, under the false flag of ‘moving’ it to the new Royal

spotSocialists and campaigners protest Leicester NHS cuts

Leicester Socialist Party, as part of Save Our NHS Leicestershire, is protesting against plans to cut intensive care beds at the general hospital, writes Andrew Walton

spotHundreds of Newcastle United fans attend Mike Ashley Out meeting

Hundreds of Newcastle United football fans attended a public meeting to discuss the way forward in the continued Mike Ashley Out campaign

spotHuddersfield Socialist Party opposes racist EDL

Instead of offering any genuine solutions to sexual abuse, the EDL offers only racist scapegoating

spotLewisham: binning the rates rise


spotHow Irish strikers fought apartheid – and establishment anti-apartheid leadership

Non-fiction – Striking Back: “This movement was not led by affluent men, well-educated lecturers or powerful politicians… instead it was led by us, a predominantly female group of working class citizens”

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Blairites’ hypocrisy; next recession due; NHS across generations.


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