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The Socialist issue 981

7 February 2018

NHS - build the fightback

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The Socialist issue 981

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Save our NHS

spotNHS – build the fightback

Trade unions and Corbyn’s Labour must throw their weight into building a mass movement: Tens of thousands in London and dozens or hundreds on each of more than 50 other events around the country boldly protested in defence of our NHS.

spotNHS day of action: all around the country

spotTragic death exposes criminal understaffing of NHS

After the tragic death of a six-year-old child, Jack Adcock, a doctor and nurse have been removed from their professional registers and given two-year suspended prison sentences for manslaughter.

spotYork socialists head resistance to NHS outsourcing

There has been a consistent campaign in York to resist secret plans by the local NHS trust to establish a limited liability company at York Hospital.

spotTrump v NHS

Donald Trump has claimed the 3 February march to save the NHS shows public healthcare doesn’t work.


spotCapita in crisis: bring all outsourcers back in-house

Shares in outsourcing giant Capita have collapsed following the company’s profit warning to shareholders. This follows shortly after its competitor Carillion sank into liquidation, and underlines further the fragile state of British capitalism.

spot90 feared dead after migrant boat capsizes

What we think

spotCorbyn’s left must seize the advantage in Labour’s civil war

Headlines scream about a hard-left takeover of the Labour Party. No wonder. Under Tony Blair, big business found a safe political alternative to the Tory Party. How they must now long for the return of pro-capitalist, pro-austerity Labour as they watch the divisions in the Tory party and fear they have no stable political expression for their interests in Brexit.


spotHaringey: now’s our chance for a no-cuts council

Right-wing pro-mega-privatisation Labour councillors deselected. Arch-Blairite council leader resigned. Major privatisation and gentrification project derailed.

spotWalthamstow: occupy to save the town square

spotScene set for TUSC conference electoral debate

Last autumn the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) launched a survey of Labour councillors to see if they would back Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity stand when setting 2018-19 council budgets and, in those councils going to the polls this year, in the 2018 local elections


spotRoyal Mail forced back under threat of action

The CWU executive committee has agreed a national agreement with Royal Mail Group (RMG) which will now go to members to vote on. Overall, it represents a major climb-down by management and should be viewed as a victory against them.

spotUnison national women’s conference

spotStriking back against academies in Newham

It’s been months since teachers at Avenue Primary school in Newham, east London, uncovered plans for the school to become an academy.

International socialist news and analysis

spotMay’s silence is a green light for Chinese repression

British PM’s visit to China puts business rights before human rights: During her three-day visit to China, Britain’s prime minister Theresa May avoided irking her hosts with talk of human rights or the recent attacks on democratic rights in Hong Kong.

spotSudan: Mohamed Satti released – global solidarity campaign gets results!

spotProtesters denounce oppressive Sri Lankan regime

On 4 February hundreds of Tamil youth attended a protest on Sri Lanka’s 70th ‘Independence Day’ outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London.


spotGCSE grading game stresses out students – even more than before!

The government has implemented new GCSE rules and with them stress, and with them fear, and with them anxiety.

spotFighting sexism: Positive discrimination – yea or neigh?

spotBernie’s book shows need for workers’ party

Non-fiction: Our Revolution: This book ‘Our Revolution’ by Bernie Sanders is a bestseller which charts his campaign for the Democratic nomination. He is scrupulous in making it clear it was grassroots activists that made this possible.

spotDarkest Hour: Not the usual flattery of brutal Tory Churchill

Watching Gary Oldman as Churchill in ‘Darkest Hour’ at the Tyneside Cinema, I felt quite emotional. I was angry – if it was left to the Tories in 1940 they would have surrendered to Hitler.

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors including NHS beds, Kurdish liberation, sprinklers, Blairites and the ‘S’ word.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThe Socialist Party is being evicted – we need you!

Building fund finance appeal launched: At the beginning of autumn last year the Socialist Party received a notice to quit our national centre by the end of summer 2018

spotYorkshire Socialist Party regional conference


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