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The Socialist issue 993

2 May 2018

May and Tories must go

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The Socialist issue 993

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What we think

spotWindrush: Rudd resigns. May and Tories must go

Amber Rudd made an “inadvertent” mistake. That was the ludicrous claim made in her resignation letter. Families have been pulled apart and cancer patients denied treatment

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotYoung people trapped in private rental

Housing costs force workers out of London: It’s a tough time to be a young person in Britain. Almost two-fifths of Millennials, young people born by 2000, rent privately at 30

spotReject the mega-supermarket merger: nationalise to save jobs

spot100k more zero-hour contracts in just a year

Strike to win secure work!: The number of zero-hour contracts in Britain rose by 100,000 in just a year

spotWindrush: Whitehall demo shames Tories and Blairites

Vote TUSC to fight racism, cuts and privatisation: Hundreds of people marched in Brixton when the Windrush scandal broke, and then an important protest took place in central London on 28 April, called not by any organisation but by individuals who see the need to fight

spotLabour members’ fury at expulsion of anti-racist activist Marc Wadsworth

Marc Wadsworth has been expelled, after 22 months suspended on charges of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute.

spotLib Dems backed benefit sanctions to win 5p carrier bag charge

200 years of Karl Marx

spot200 years of Karl Marx: Marxist ideas more relevant than ever

The 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Karl Marx is on 5 May. Marx, together with Friedrich Engels, formulated the ideas of scientific socialism which were to shake the world in the nineteenth century and even more so in the twentieth.

France ’68

spotMay 1968: Police attacks on students spark mass revolt

France ’68 – week one: A wooden beam will appear quite solid and unchanged as termites chew away within it. But there comes a time when one step can bring down the whole rotten house. In May of 1968 the whole structure of capitalism in France was in jeopardy.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotMay Day McStrike: “A symbol for all workers”

At midnight workers in the Oxford Street McDonalds in Manchester walked out

spotHull college workers and students protest redundancy plan

spotRMT members reject Labour affiliation calls at London debate

The RMT transport union will hold a special general meeting on 30 May to discuss the issue of affiliation to the Labour Party. RMT was expelled from Labour in 2004 after supporting Scottish Socialist Party candidates.

spotRadiographers’ union discusses coordinated action

Delegates to the annual conference of the Society of Radiographers in Leeds between 22-24 April should have been celebrating smashing the pay cap. But feelings were very subdued as most felt what was on offer would make little difference in real terms.

spotUsdaw conference 2018

In the run up to Usdaw’s annual delegate meeting (ADM) rank-and-file activists discovered that the Socialist paper was denied a press pass to cover the conference.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotStop Trump! Build for mass walkouts and protests on 13 July!

By preparing now for unprecedented resistance, we can stop Trump coming to Britain

spotBuilding fund appeal smashes £150,000, keep it coming!

spotSalford nursery campaigners take fight to parliament

The ‘fight for the five’ campaign, which is trying to save the remaining local authority nurseries in Salford, took their battle to parliament on 25 April.

spotParents and campaigners protest Leeds disability travel cut

Leeds council has withdrawn escorted transport funding for young people aged 16 and over with special educational needs and disabilities. Parents and students, alongside Unite Community members, gathered on the steps of Leeds Town Hall on 28 April to protest.

spotObituary: Roy Corke 1945-2018

spotLeicestershire NHS campaign launched

The Save Our NHS Leicestershire campaign was launched – in a standing-room-only Leicester Secular Hall – on 28 April with the meeting brimming with energy to fight the Tories’ brutal NHS cuts.

Local elections 2018

spotTUSC causing a stir in Haringey

Our Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) campaign in Haringey, north London, is certainly causing a stir

spotGroundswell of support for TUSC in Huddersfield

spotTUSC stands against gentrification and cuts in Waltham Forest

“I am a fan of Corbyn but I am not a fan of our local Labour councillors. It might be the same party but there are big differences in how they represent the people who elected them. After Mini Holland there’s no way I’m going to vote for these local labour councillors,” wrote one voter in Waltham Forest, east London.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSpain: ‘We don’t want to be brave, we want to be free!’

Protests rocked Spain on 26 April and for a further two days following the sentencing of ‘La Manada’ – five men accused of raping an 18-year-old woman during the Pamplona bull-running festival in 2016.

spotCatalonia: thousands on the streets

spotUSA: Defend socialist councillor Kshama Sawant

Two Seattle police officers who shot a black man in 2016 have filed a defamation lawsuit aimed at silencing socialist city council member Kshama Sawant and any public figure speaking against police killings.

spotMalta: right-wing Labour leader’s insult to May Day

The prime minister of Malta has tried to use International Workers’ Day to attack a murdered anti-corruption journalist


spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors including Liverpool 47 commemoration, Trotsky 1917, NHS tax and hairdressing.


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