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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 1023

2 January 2019

Tories out - general election now!

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The Socialist issue 1023

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spotPreparing the struggle for socialism in 2019

Tories torn apart, French workers and youth in revolt, ‘populism’ on the rise… revolution in the air? Capitalist parties across the world are split in the teeth of mounting mass opposition.

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spotOur new year’s message: Tories out – general election now!

Corbyn must use the opening weeks of 2019 to go on the offensive

spotNew Year. Same Universal Credit misery. Scrap it now!

Christmas was far from merry for many – we need a living wage and welfare system!

spotRip-off landlords make money out of misery

600 homeless people died in 2017 in England and Wales. If people can’t afford to rent, then rents should be capped, controlled and cut.

spotYet another wage-busting fare hike? Nationalise rail now!

Queues on platforms, scuffles to squeeze aboard, delays and cancellations as the life sweats out of you. Is this what we’re paying for with the latest 3.1% rail fare hike?

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spotSwansea council: early morning cabinet meeting nods through £24 million cuts

Within 20 minutes Swansea Labour’s cabinet meeting agreed a projected loss this year of 145 teaching posts and 161 council jobs

spot‘Austerity Kills’ is message of Woking protest


spotOpinion: China’s Orwellian ‘social credit system’ is a product of capitalism, not ‘communism’

In reality, Chinese workers are fighting the same beast as we are in Britain: an exploitative economic system protected by a cold-blooded political elite.

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. German revolution, Brexit red lines, Harry Leslie Smith, flue jab jibe.


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