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The Socialist issue 1079

25 March 2020

Coronavirus crisis: Tests, full pay and funding - for all now

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The Socialist issue 1079

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What we think

spotCoronavirus crisis: Tests, full pay and funding – for all now

spotState intervention shows what is possible

All that seemed solid now seems to be melting. This is the effect of the coronavirus crisis. The Tories cut – but now they spend. They privatised – but now they nationalise.

Coronavirus news

spotCoronavirus and domestic violence: a double threat to women’s lives

spotCoronavirus news in brief

Coronavirus news in brief

Coronavirus workplace news

spotWe need tests for all now! Nationalise production and research

“You cannot fight a fire blindfolded… test, test, test.” The advice of the director-general of the World Health Organisation.

spotRetail and the coronavirus outbreak – organise to defend workers interests

Coronavirus is sending tremors through capitalist society. Many workers who have been enduring increasing casualised working conditions, such as zero or short-hour contracts, have had further cuts to sick pay and other contractual changes.

spotTransport union RMT demands action for coronavirus tube safety

spotOrganising in the workplace in the time of coronavirus

spotUnion independence must be maintained – a reply to the Trade Union Congress

spotUniversity workers win full pay for casual staff

Like many workplaces, university bosses have come under fire for their slow and inadequate response to the coronavirus crisis. In Southampton, all three campus trade unions wrote to the vice-chancellor outlining our concerns about insufficient information and advice, including on home working and pay for casual staff.

spotBosses not workers should pay for JCB shutdown

This year is the 75th anniversary of the founding of JCB. The year started with statements that the order books were the fullest for certain JCB products since their inception.

Social care

spotSocial care: “Not good enough by miles”

Boris Johnson has said that non-urgent operations will be cancelled, and people already in hospital sent home, to free up 30,000 general and acute beds in the NHS to accommodate coronavirus patients. According to Johnson, they will be released into the care of “community health providers”.

Poll Tax

spot30 years since the huge anti-poll tax demo… And how mass non-payment of the tax was built

On 31 March 1990, a massive demonstration surged into central London. It was the culmination of months of organisation and defiance of the Tory government’s hated poll tax by millions of overwhelmingly working-class people.

Coronavirus organising

spotCoronavirus: What role could community support groups play?

Many neighbourhoods across Britain are throwing up local solidarity networks to support each other during the pandemic. ‘Mutual aid’ groups are trying to make sure the elderly and vulnerable still receive supplies, sharing advice and information, and coordinating local efforts.

spotSelling the Socialist

“It’s like the Mary Celeste in here” says first worker going in. But I still sell five copies of the Socialist. Less than usual, but not bad considering more than half the staff are now working from home.

spotLike what we say, help us keep saying it – fund the Socialist

spot‘Meeting’ to discuss socialist ideas – more vital than ever during the crisis

During the corona crisis the Socialist Party is still meeting. Many branches are utilising online resources. Go to to join in your area.

Readers’ opinion

spotGoing viral: Socialist letters and comments on the coronavirus crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life. The iniquities and failings of the capitalist system are being exposed, and workers and communities are organising in response.


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