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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 1104

7 October 2020

Tories put profit first: Gambling with our jobs and lives

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The Socialist issue 1104

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Coronavirus news

spotTories put profit first: Gambling with our jobs and lives

Roll up, roll up, and place your bets – at the great pandemic wheel of fortune! Red, you win the virus; black, you lose your job. Don’t fancy the odds? Too late!

spotMassive testing ‘glitch’ caused by privatised fragmentation

spotContact tracer speaks out: privatised system ‘in chaos’

spotUnder the microscope

Workplace news

spotUnison: Hugo Pierre’s fighting programme to transform the union

spotEquity ‘Panto Parade’ demands more support for arts workers

spotTate strike suspended

spotIkea day of action

spotYork couriers’ strike


spotFight for jobs and homes for all – defend the right to asylum

The Tory government has discussed measures to transfer asylum seekers to processing centres in various offshore destinations – including Moldova, Morocco, or even as far as Papua New Guinea or Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, press leaks have shown.

spotSpooks step up surveillance of left

spotProbation Service: ‘angry, frustrated’ staff need fighting lead


spotCardiff student protest demands: ‘refund our fees!’

spotSouthampton students oppose unjust collective punishment

Black History Month

spotNon-fiction: ‘Why I no longer talk to white people about race’


spotWorldwide capitalist crisis deepens – step up the fight for socialism

spot‘Frozen conflict’ reignites in Nagorno-Karabakh enclave

spotGermany: “Heroes” strike to demand a pay rise


spot£9,000 for education by Netflix

spotFree Siyanda Mngaza

spotLeicester: Don’t let them close our hospital

spotWaltham Forest: Council picks over 60 sites for mass gentrification

spotSay no to finance capital-backed luxury tower block in Enfield

spotSocialist Party: Campaigning for the NHS

spotFinal total: £73,586 raised – now let’s do it again

spotDefend Bracknell Community Services

Readers’ opinion

spotFilm: ‘Sick’ – ‘They’ve got people looking in the wrong direction’

spotThe Socialist Inbox


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