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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 1105

14 October 2020

Locked down, hard up, fight back!

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The Socialist issue 1105

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Coronavirus news

spotLocked down, hard up, fight back!

As areas across the country face further lockdown measures there is growing frustration, anger and anxiety.

spotAs school cases soar – is contact tracing ‘near breaking point’?

Contact tracer speaks out: reduced follow-up and emergency hiring

spotEven more delay in stopping school transmission?

School staff and parents fear the worst. Public Health England figures show that the highest test-positivity rates are now in the 10-19 age group, but schools are still expected to remain open

spotNational Education Union must launch action now

spotNottingham Covid surge caused by Tory mismanagement

spotUnder the microscope

Coronavirus news in brief.


spotStudents not to blame for unsafe uni conditions

spot“It’s not fair” – lockdown students demand free education

spotStudents speak out: isolation and uncertainty reign

spotBuilding a movement to fight for free education

What we think

spotUnite votes to cut affiliation fee to Labour

Workplace news

spotUsdaw elections: the battle for a fighting union

At the behest of General Secretary Paddy Lillis, the national executive committee of Usdaw, the retail and distribution union, has overturned its previous decision to delay the elections (see ‘Usdaw elections: Defend members’ right to participate’ at

spotNEU Special Conference: A fight for safety in schools is urgently needed

spotNapo AGM 2020: Celebrating probation victory and preparing for challenges ahead

spotUniversity workers ballot for action against in-person teaching

spotStop Royal Mail’s profit-driven plans to force postal workers to share vans

spotUnison: The Socialist is backing Hugo Pierre – for a fighting socialist general secretary!

Hugo Pierre, a Socialist Party member, is standing as a candidate for Unison general secretary. The Socialist will be running a series of articles over the coming weeks


spotAre cooperatives the answer to a failing capitalist system?

It seems all wings of the labour and trade union movement have renewed interest in cooperatives. During Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, cooperatives were given considerable emphasis


spotStop NHS meltdown

spotTransport for London funding crunch

spotOliver Campbell – Still fighting for justice

spotFighting Fund – we’re off to a good start


spotObituary: Raph Parkinson 1958-2020

International news

spotGreek workers and socialists celebrate convictions of Golden Dawn fascists

spotNigeria: Mass protests force government to disband killer cop unit

Readers’ opinion

spotNon-fiction: This Land – the story of a movement

spotThe Socialist Inbox


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