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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 1109

11 November 2020

Capitalists vs working class - not in it together

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The Socialist issue 1109

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spotCapitalists vs working class – not in it together

spotTory U-turn: Free school meals

spotTory U-turn: Furlough extended – not enough to save jobs

spotCovid and poverty rising – Welsh lockdown ends with little progress

spotCovid law used against striking workers – for workers’ control of safety measures

spotSchools need union action for safety

US election

spotAfter the polarised elections – what way forward?

In the US, and around the world, millions greeted Trump’s defeat in the US elections. His probable removal from office, notwithstanding his legal claims, will be widely welcomed.

spotTrump out! But mass workers’ struggle needed

The nightmare of Trump’s presidency and the chaos of the US presidential election represent, at root, the crisis of US capitalism – which is in decline as a world superpower – and of the capitalist system itself which cannot escape its crisis since the 2007-8 crash

spotTrump is out – our readers react


spotSpycops inquiry : why the capitalist state feared and continues to fear socialism

Workplace news

spotRolls-Royce: Lancashire workers’ strike shows the way to fight aerospace cuts and job losses

spotRMT union AGM votes to defend union democracy

This year’s RMT transport union’s annual general meeting (AGM) was like no other I have ever attended.

spotSainsbury’s and Argos: Closures, cuts and soaring sales

spotFight the witch-hunt of Corbyn and his supporters


spotDonate to the Socialism 2020 appeal now!

spotSolidarity with Manchester students – fight for democratic control of campus safety

spotSouthampton trade unionists demand: “We won’t pay for Covid”

spotLabour movement conference to defend Corbyn and discuss new party

spotThe struggle for a new mass workers’ party

Socialist Party Wales moved quickly to respond to news of Corbyn’s suspension, with all branches calling meetings to discuss what the working class must do next, now that it’s clear that the road to transforming Labour is blocked.

spotSelling the Socialist

Review and readers’ opinion

spotTrotsky’s ideas live on in the CWI

spotThe Socialist Inbox

spotReaders of the Socialist react to effects of lockdown


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