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The Socialist 28 January 2000


Labour's troubles are only just beginning

When Workers Showed their Discontent

BLAIR'S "stop Ken" bandwagon


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The Socialist 28 January 2000, 143

spotLabour's troubles are only just beginning

EVEN THE New Labour government's most loyal supporters in the media were forced to admit last week that the Blair "magic has started to fade"...

spotWhen Workers Showed their Discontent

THE 1970s was a decade of capitalist crisis. Heath's Tory government was brought down in the 1974 miners' strike, sending shock waves through the capitalist class...

spotBLAIR'S "stop Ken" bandwagon

BLAIR'S "STOP Ken' bandwagon went into top gear after polls revealed Livingstone's massive lead over Frank Dobson in the race to be Labour's candidate for mayor, writes Jim Horton.