The Socialist

The Socialist 18 February 2000

Striking Against Low Pay

Striking Against Low Pay

Sudents Defiant

India - 50 years of a failed "republic"

Northern Ireland: On the horns of a dead-end dilemma

Teachers march against performance pay

Austria: A Socialist Campaign to defeat the far-right


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The Socialist 18 February 2000, Striking Against Low Pay

spotStriking Against Low Pay

NEW LABOUR has backtracked on its refusal to raise the minimum wage. Growing anger from low-paid workers and even union leaders and MPs has forced the government to concede a paltry 10p a week increase.

spotSudents Defiant

ABOUT 400 students marched through Oxford in protest against tuition fees and the abolition of the grant, writes Kieran Roberts.

spotIndia - 50 years of a failed "republic"

IN STARK contrast to the lavish celebrations marking 50 years of independence nearly three years ago, the ruling elite in India is not that enthusiastic to rave about the anniversary of the formation of the Republic on 26 January 1950...

spotNorthern Ireland: On the horns of a dead-end dilemma

THE NORTHERN Ireland 'peace process' has stalled. The Assembly and other institutions set up after the 1998 Good Friday agreement have been suspended, returning direct rule to London. The IRA has withdrawn...

spotTeachers march against performance pay

LAST SATURDAY, 12 February, up to 1,500 teachers and parents marched through London against Performance-Related Pay (PRP) in schools, writes Martin Powell-Davies, chair STOPP.

spotAustria: A Socialist Campaign to defeat the far-right

MORE THAN 20,000 people took to the streets of Vienna on Saturday 12 February. This demonstration, lasting more than five hours, became the most lively and determined march organised so far against Austria's...