The Socialist

The Socialist 6 October 2000

Fleece the Fat Cats

Fleece the Fat Cats

Stop Council Cuts

Palestinian anger erupts

After the Socialist Alliance conference

Oil Prices on a roller coaster ride

A blow to the crisis-ridden Euro


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The Socialist 6 October 2000, Fleece the Fat Cats

spotFleece the Fat Cats

THE GOVERNMENT have raised the national minimum wage by 10p an hour to 3.70. Previously New Labour refused to give such a rise - under 3% - for fear this would cause "a growth in inflation"!...

spotStop Council Cuts

BROMLEY COUNCIL'S disciplinary hearing against union activist Glenn Kelly takes place this week. They are charging him with the 'crime' of opposing council plans to cut the night care staff in sheltered...

spotPalestinian anger erupts

THE FALTERING Middle East 'peace process' appeared to be unravelling as Palestinians, some armed, some with rocks, fought heavily armed Israeli troops in the Gaza and occupied West Bank territories, writes Dave Carr.

spotAfter the Socialist Alliance conference

ON 30 September 400 members of the Socialist Alliance met in Coventry to discuss organising a socialist challenge in the next general election, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party National Campaigns Organiser.

spotOil Prices on a roller coaster ride

THE RECENT tripling of crude oil prices sparked a protest wave throughout Europe. Protesters directed their anger at high fuel taxes, accounting for 72% of the pump price in Britain. Barely tolerable when...

spotA blow to the crisis-ridden Euro

THE FIRST referendum on the Euro currency in any European country ended in a clear rejection: 53.1% against and 46.9% for, writes Per Ake Westerlund, Rattviseparteit, (CWI -Sweden).