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The Socialist 1 June 2001

Vote Socialist

Vote Socialist

Defend The Right To Strike

Vote Socialist - For Real Change

Oldham Youth Resist Racist Provocation

New Labour's Flexible Friends

Asylum: Tories And Labour Play The Race Card

The rot at the core of public services

Macedonia Slides Toward Civil War

Unions Need A Political Voice

Bosses Provoke Postal Strike


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The Socialist 1 June 2001, Vote Socialist

spotVote Socialist

Stop The Private Takeover Of Public Services.: FORMER LABOUR MP DAVE NELLIST, now the leader of the Socialist Party group on Coventry city council and national chair of the Socialist Alliance, says: 'Vote socialist and join the Socialist Party'...

spotDefend The Right To Strike

No privatisation, fight the big business agenda: AFTER MARTIN Stanley, the industry regulator's recent vicious attacks on postal workers, it is easy to see why Royal Mail management felt confident to provoke further strike action after the 24-hour official strike at Watford, a London postal worker writes.

spotVote Socialist - For Real Change

What we think: AT THE 1997 general election we urged readers to vote Socialist if they wanted real change. Again, unsurprisingly, we urge our readers to vote for Socialist candidates in England and Wales and for Scottish...

spotOldham Youth Resist Racist Provocation

YOUTH AGAINST Racism in Europe (YRE) supporters went into the Glodwick area of Oldham on Sunday to show our support for the community but also to find out the truth about what was happening, writes Christian Bunke.

spotNew Labour's Flexible Friends

AFTER THE 1997 election Tony Blair told new Labour MPs still basking in the glory of victory that they were in parliament to carry out the people's will, not to acquire the "trappings of power"...

spotAsylum: Tories And Labour Play The Race Card

THE TORIES face the prospect of an electoral massacre on 7 June. So they are desperately playing the asylum card - a variant of the race card. It's the old, old tactic of sowing confusion, attempting...

spotThe rot at the core of public services

Fighting Privatisation: NEW LABOUR'S big idea for its second term of office is more privatisation. They argue private companies can make profits at the same time as providing decent public services. New Labour claims all public...

spotMacedonia Slides Toward Civil War

LAST WEEK the Macedonian army and police launched their biggest offensive so far against rebel Albanian forces. The horrific prospect of all-out civil war has come one step closer, writes Niall Mulholland.

spotUnions Need A Political Voice

THE ELECTORAL commission, a new quango set up this year to regulate political parties and their electoral activity, has reported on the huge amount of money the unions are giving to New Labour's election fund, writes In the six weeks between 16 February to the end of March, the first 'reporting period' under the new.

spotBosses Provoke Postal Strike

FOLLOWING AN official strike at Royal Mail Watford, management provocatively diverted work to Liverpool...