The Socialist

The Socialist 20 July 2001

Fight for a Socialist World

Fight for a Socialist World

Defend Council Jobs and Services

The Spectres at the G8 Feast

Scrap Fees Now!

The horrors of Global Capitalism

Merseyside Firefighters show their strength


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The Socialist 20 July 2001, Fight for a Socialist World

20 July 2001

spotFight for a Socialist World

Step Up the struggle against capitalism: WHY ARE hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in Genoa this weekend against the G8 group of world capitalist leaders?...

20 July 2001

spotDefend Council Jobs and Services

Hackney, Newcastle, Waltham Forest...: LOCAL DEMOCRACY is under attack. Last week the New Labour government threatened to send in commissioners to run Hackney council in east London...

20 July 2001

spotThe Spectres at the G8 Feast

THERE ARE two spectres haunting the gathering of G8 world 'leaders' in Genoa this weekend. One is the growing tide of anti-capitalist movements that is laying their system under siege. The second is...

20 July 2001

spotScrap Fees Now!

Rees report: THE SOCIALIST has consistently argued that the introduction of tuition fees and the abolition of the student grant would deter thousands of students from going to university, due to financial hardship, writes Sarah Mayo, Save Free Education.

20 July 2001

spotThe horrors of Global Capitalism

THE DEMONSTRATIONS in Genoa over the weekend of 20-22 July promise to be the latest in a long list of major anti-capitalist protests that have shaken the capitalist class globally, writes Kieran Roberts, International Socialist Resistance.

20 July 2001

spotMerseyside Firefighters show their strength

THERE WAS a cast-iron show of solidarity on 13 July from firefighters across the country in support of the Merseyside firefighters' strike, writes Michael Brierley, Merseyside Socialist Party.