The Socialist

The Socialist 19 October 2001

We Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

We Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

US War Strategy Under Strain

50,000 March To End The War

Gulf War - Creating A New World Disorder

US Attacks Provoke Mass Opposition

Global Economy - Sinking Together


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The Socialist 19 October 2001, We Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

spotWe Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

Workers and poor say...: "I THINK it's wrong for America to take it all into their own hands and to drop bombs and kill civilians," said Nahim, originally from Afghanistan, one of 50,000 people on a huge anti-war demonstration in London on 13 October...

spotUS War Strategy Under Strain

IMAGES OF death and destruction in the village of Khorum demonstrated the horrific reality of Bush and Blair's 'war against terrorism'...

spot50,000 March To End The War

At least 50,000 people marched through central London on Saturday demanding an end to war on Afghanistan, writes Lois Austin.

spotGulf War - Creating A New World Disorder

THE LAST time that so much military equipment and troops were amassed was ten years ago in preparation for the Gulf War, writes Jane James.

spotUS Attacks Provoke Mass Opposition

EVERY DAY that US bombs blast Afghanistan, opposition in the Arab and Muslim world to imperialism grows...

spotGlobal Economy - Sinking Together

THE UNITED Nations estimates that the effects of September's terror attacks are likely to cost the global economy 230 billion and slow it down by 1%, writes Why is the world economy heading towards a serious crisis?.