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The Socialist 18 January 2002

Stop This Privatisation Madness

Stop This Privatisation Madness

PCS dispute: Support Action For Safety

A Return to the 1970s?... If Only

Northern Ireland: Workers Strike Against Killings

Argentina: Mass Protests Threaten Ruling Class

The Worst Railways In Europe


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The Socialist 18 January 2002, Stop This Privatisation Madness

spotStop This Privatisation Madness

PRIVATE PROFIT is public enemy number one. If your train doesn't arrive, if you're denied a hospital bed, if your education services are cut, if your libraries are closed then chances are it's because big business has decided it doesn't make enough money.

spotPCS dispute: Support Action For Safety

PUBLIC AND Commercial Services (PCS) union members working in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) took two days of strike action in December 2001 over safety, writes a PCS member.

spotA Return to the 1970s?... If Only

RAIL WORKERS strike and they are called 'trade union fundamentalists' in a disgraceful attempt by TV commentators to link them to the Islamic 'fundamentalists' behind the attacks of 11 September

spotNorthern Ireland: Workers Strike Against Killings

UNDER INTENSE pressure from trade union members, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions have called a half day strike on 18 January in protest at the spiralling wave of sectarian attacks and threats, writes Peter Hadden, Belfast.

spotArgentina: Mass Protests Threaten Ruling Class

LAST WEEK The Socialist described the momentous scenes of 19/20 December in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when an uprising of workers and the middle classes pushed aside the 'State of Siege' and drove out the hated President De la Rua, whose 'neo-liberal' capitalist policies had pauperised society

spotThe Worst Railways In Europe

THE CRISIS on the railways has recently overshadowed even the crises in education and the health service, writes Alison Hill.