The Socialist

The Socialist 27 September 2002

No War For Oil

No War For Oil

Fight For A Living Wage

Blair's Dossier Can't Justify This War

The Real Rogue State

Bush Continues Along The Warpath

No Capitalist Solution To Israel/Palestine Conflict


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The Socialist 27 September 2002, No War For Oil

spotNo War For Oil

Don't Let Workers Pay the Price of Bush and Blair's War

spotFight For A Living Wage

Tube workers, London council workers...: LONDON UNDERGROUND workers, firefighters, teachers, lecturers and council staff are some of the many thousands of workers either involved in strike action over pay or balloting to strike, writes Mike Suter, UNISON Education and Culture convenor, Lewisham, personal capacity.

spotBlair's Dossier Can't Justify This War

TONY BLAIR'S much-hyped 'dossier' on Saddam Hussein's regime has finally been published. And guess what, the Iraqi dictator is ... a dictator!

spotThe Real Rogue State

An alternative dossier on US imperialism: BLAIR CLAIMS that his "dossier" on Iraq justifies the US and Britain going to war and forcing a 'regime change', writes John Sharpe.

spotBush Continues Along The Warpath

WITH OR without a United Nations flag of convenience US imperialism seems to be rushing headlong into a military assault on Iraq

spotNo Capitalist Solution To Israel/Palestine Conflict

A SIX-WEEK lull in the Israeli/Palestine conflict came to an end with further Palestinian suicide bombings and the Israeli Defence Force using brutal force in Ramallah - a renewed attempt by Ariel Sharon to humiliate Yasser Arafat