The Socialist

The Socialist 7 February 2004

No More Lies

No More Lies

War Crimes and Whitewashes

We demand a real investigation

BBC Workers Angry At Hutton Attacks

The Trade Unions And The Labour Party

Trade Union Left Convention

Civil Service Strike: Around the Picket Lines

Strike threat forces negotiations in civil service pay battle

Leicester Lecturers On Indefinite Strike

Stop These Council Cuts

Brazil - Movement For A New Workers' Party Is Launched

Venezuela: Workers Struggle Against Reaction


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The Socialist 7 February 2004, No More Lies

spotNo More Lies

ONCE AGAIN lapdog Tony is following behind his master Bush. Having said last week that there was no need for an inquiry into weapons of mass destruction (WMD), Tony Blair is now setting one up...

spotWar Crimes and Whitewashes

AS ANY inept DIY bodger could tell you, whitewash, applied carefully and thinly will last years. Too thick and it will flake off in no time." (Letter to the Guardian, 29 January)...

spotWe demand a real investigation

Extract From a Socialist Party Leaflet:

We want an inquiry that actually looks at the real reasons why more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians have been slaughtered; why more than £5 billion of our money has been spent on a bloody war and occupation rather than the services we need...

spot BBC Workers Angry At Hutton Attacks

spotThe Trade Unions And The Labour Party

TRADE UNION links with the Labour Party will be under intense scrutiny this week...

spotTrade Union Left Convention

THE ISSUES being debated by the RMT are likely to surface at the Convention of the Trade Union Left, which takes place the day after the RMT special conference...

spotCivil Service Strike: Around the Picket Lines

High Court, London: DEPARTMENT FOR Constitutional Affairs (DCA) staff outside the Royal Courts of Justice, picketed all the main entrances...

spotStrike threat forces negotiations in civil service pay battle

OVER 5,000 members have been recruited to civil service union PCS since our pay campaign started. It has inspired a new layer of members and activists. Members see their willingness to take action has forced management to make concessions, writes Rob Williams, PCS National Executive (NEC), personal capacity...

spotLeicester Lecturers On Indefinite Strike

LECTURERS AT Leicester College are out on indefinite strike. The FE College is imposing new contracts that cut holidays, push through Saturday working and worsen conditions of service...

spot Stop These Council Cuts

spotBrazil - Movement For A New Workers' Party Is Launched

ONLY ONE year after the Presidential election victory of "Lula" (Luiz Inacio da Silva) of the Workers' Party (PT) a new movement has been launched by former PT activists, trade unionists and socialists...

spotVenezuela: Workers Struggle Against Reaction

ON A recent Miami television programme, a group of Venezuelan ex-military officers openly called for a US invasion to overthrow the twice-elected radical, nationalist government of President Hugo Chávez...