The Socialist

The Socialist 27 October 2005

Keep 'the market' out of schools

Keep 'the market' out of schools

United against fascism

Rioting in Lozells

Come to Socialism 2005

Conference for action needed for new mass workers' party

Socialist Students -

Pensions battle not over - but Labour in retreat

Stop these drastic hospital cuts

Defending trade union rights

The politics of relief: political manoeuvres begin


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The Socialist 27 October 2005, Keep 'the market' out of schools

spotKeep 'the market' out of schools

SO BLAIR wants to make his mark on history in his last term of office with "pivotal change" in education...

spotUnited against fascism

NICK GRIFFIN, leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP), is in court in Leeds on Wednesday 2 November facing charges of inciting racial hatred...

spotRioting in Lozells

THE RIOT and murder in the Lozells area of Birmingham over the weekend were horrific...

spotCome to Socialism 2005

A weekend of debate and discussion organised by the Socialist Party, 12-13 November...

spotConference for action needed for new mass workers' party

IN THE first of two articles, PETER TAAFFE, general secretary of the Socialist Party, says that the time for stepping up the campaign for a mass workers' party in Britain is not just ripe - it is rotten ripe...

spotSocialist Students -

Socialist Students
THIS YEAR, Socialist Students has been distinguished as the 'active socialists' on campus, with an increased support for our ideas and...

spotPensions battle not over - but Labour in retreat

THE PENSIONS battle is far from over. But, the preparedness of millions of public-sector workers to take united action has forced the Labour...

spotStop these drastic hospital cuts

WHEN LEEDS Socialist Party were campaigning against health service cuts, a nurse came up to our stall and told us that staffing levels were at danger level...

spotDefending trade union rights

SUPERMARKET COMPANY Morrison's have issued two of the TGWU stewards at their massive Gadbrook Park distribution depot, Northwich, Cheshire, with disciplinary notices, effectively de-recognising them...

spotThe politics of relief: political manoeuvres begin

Asian earthquake disaster: THERE HAS been a vigorous response by working class people in Pakistan and Kashmir to help the victims and those affected by the devastating earthquake in these regions...