The Socialist

The Socialist 11 January 2007

Exposed: Labour to savage NHS jobs

Sri Lankan government blamed for violent attack on ant-war rally organiers

Labour to savage NHS jobs

Union action can defend the NHS

Manchester NHS: "Making it better" means making it worse

Students fight for free education

How to become a fees fighter

ISR and Socialist Students' conference - a political voice for young people

The war for oil profits

Murderous raid on anti-war meeting

Ruthless Ruth Kelly

Ipswich murders lift lid on violence against women

Pirates of the Caribbean

Ethiopia invasion throws Somalia further into crisis

The Lagos oil pipeline tragedy was avoidable

Northern Ireland: New governing executive looks in doubt

Time for action on pensions!

Vote 'yes' in PCS ballot

Construction boom - workers organise

We want our buses back!

Public transport and private ownership don't mix


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