The Socialist

The Socialist 19 July 2007

Build a new workers' party

Build a new workers' party

Fight cuts threat to London hospitals

'Strategic failure' in Iraq and Afghanistan

Can flood relief get Hull back on its feet?

Bolivian oil workers request solidarity

Visteon workers walk out

Metronet - bankrupt firm, bankrupt PPP

Postal workers - fighting low pay, against privatisation and job cuts

Lewisham schools: defending 'outdated' equality

Building resistance to schools closures in Cardiff

Education - not safe in Brown's hands

Boost our pay: Organising for our rights at work

USA: The case for socialised medicine

Living in the GDR: Balancing between two different worlds

'War crimes' accusations by mine workers

Glasgow social workers vote for indefinite strike

Defend democracy - stop the witch-hunt in UNISON

School dinners saved... for now

Socialism 2007

Come to Socialist Party summer camp


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